Thursday, October 16, 2008


Elfreths Alley in Philadelphia. OLDEST continuously inhabited street in the USA.

The house is quiet and everyone is gone, except for me and the cats. They are sleeping as usual. I would like to come back as one of my family cats. LOL

The rain finally arrived, I could hear it on the skylight about 5 AM. I also heard Chuck and Emily getting ready for their days. Emily went to clinical, she is now officially permitted to do vital signs and assessments. What to go Emily. They are now learning about medication and administration.

This afternoon at Penn State she has Anatomy lab, they will dissect a sheep heart. She took a pair of disposable gloves to wear. I will hear all the gruesome details when she gets home.

Why I get up so early: I guess it is from years of getting up at five in order to get to work and start at 06:30. I wake up when I hear noise and if no one is getting up I can sleep in till about 7 or 8. I have to be really quiet when I get up. But, no matter how quiet I am Henry hears me and is meowing at the bedroom door. FEED ME, FEED ME.

Three of them will be there, and run to their bowls. It really is like herding cats. The only one who does not come is Lucy. She waits for room service. I think Lucy has a hearing problem. She can hear when I speak loudly or even shout. Some times she looks startled when I come in the room. I feed them one small can of Friskies, divided in four portions. They get this morning and evening. I give them Iams dry, Hair Ball Control in a dish that is left out all day. None of them are fat, I guess I could say they are normal weight. Lucy is a little plump.

I do have to make appointments for their shots. But, that is such a hassle taking them there. Each one of them acts out. Mostly verbally and Lucy always defecates in her carrier. I am glad the vet want a nice specimen.


  1. It took me about 4 days of not working before I reverted back to staying up late and sleeping in! LOL It's just my nature. I'm trying to control it a little bit, though, and be more in line with Ken's schedule. I'm not always successful!


  2. I'm an early riser, even on the weekends its hard to try to sleep past 6:00

    so cute with your kittens; they have such a personality don't they?

    I totally agree with the comment you left on my journal that these babies should be put up for adoption; both my kids are adopted, when we introduced ourselves the first day and said a bit about our family, I said I had 2 adopted kids; all the girls said they could never give up their babies; interestingly my son's mom was in her 20s and my daughter's was 18 but she kept her for a year and we think only reliquished her because she was a special needs

    enjoy the weekend