Saturday, August 23, 2014


August is almost over.  I have noticed that some of the leaves are already beginning to change color.  This is rather early I think; usually the height of the color in Autumn is about the third week in October.   My sisters have been complaining that the nights have been too cool for the tomatoes to ripen, the past week and onward for the next ten days should be great for hastening the crop.

My sisters both do canning and we talked about it this week.   When I was a child my help was enlisted (not voluntarily I might add) to help with the process.  So, what do you let a nine year old kid do?   Anything that does not involve hot water or sharp knives.   I remember skinning the tomatoes and peaches placing them in the canning jars with cut sides down and my mom would pour the syrup (concoction of sugar and water) to cover them.   Then the lids and it would be secured with the metal rings, they must have a formal  name but it escapes me what it is called.

After that preparation they would go into a very large metal pan and the water would come to a boil.  I have not idea how long that process would take because it involved hot water.  Then they would come out and all evening you could hear the popping of the lids as they seal.

My sisters do all of that stuff now.  I have never canned a thing since I got married and left the house.   I think all the excitement of food preservation was worn out before I  moved.   I will Google how to do the procedure since I want to know what those rings are called and how long to boil in the water bath.

Monday, August 4, 2014


Today I went to the local mall, mainly to see what sort of fall clothes came in and to do a little walking.  Ninety five percent of the clothing stores are geared to the younger people, most of which are not employed, but probably have their parents credit card.  I must admit that the daughter would not have been permitted to exit the house wearing some of them.  Most of the clothes are barely legal and look like there is a possibly getting arrested for exposure, or freezing from exposure if you went outside in the winter.

One of my favorite clothing stores is CHRISTOPHER BANKS, they sell women's clothing and your kids would not be caught dead in and they don't look like grandmother duds.   I found a few things that would go with some items that I already have.   The woman, who appeared to be the manager told me that they would be moving to the other end of the Mall to the store vacated by Lane Bryant.   That store is about double if not triple the size.   I was quite excited to hear that and then she asked if I wanted a job...I was not looking for a job but it was nice to be asked.  The woman and I had talked about about fashions before, so we sort of know each other..

That was my surprise for the day.  Plus two shirts and a vest that were purchased.

Saturday, June 21, 2014


After spending the better part of the week being irked that I could not read my Blog list I can save I solved the problem.    This great discovery came from a forum group of people on Blogger.  I was not alone and the solution came from a few people.

It it is your problem go to the settings, Blogger help and "uncheck"  Use Blogger Draft.   I know very little about computers but can read instructions, which I did.   That little maneuver has solved the problem but I am spending an inordinate amount of time today reading the postings I have missed for a week.

I am awaiting my next problem so I can bitch and moan about that, what ever it will be.

Friday, June 20, 2014


Now, if a person is having trouble with Blogger where can they go for advice?    Everything was working fine; then the same afternoon, about a week ago the trouble began.    What you might ask?   My subscribed blogs are not showing up on my Blog list, only the latest one is there and when I click on "view more"  a blank screen appears.

I do not know what to do with this.   Like a lot of companies, they have plenty of help to sell you the product and after you're hooked the help disappears.

Perhaps I will try Facebook and see if there is an answer there.

Tuesday, May 6, 2014


Computer mouse that is.   For the past year (really it has been) I have been having trouble with the mouse.  Everything is sailed over it would connect to that site.  This made me crazy because I spent most of my time unclicking things I did not want to see.

I went into the bowels of the computer, Google searched the problem and tried many suggestions. Today,    I again, went into "Mouse"  and still could not figure what was the problem.  There are about five sections and I found one that said "reset" for the mouse settings.    This has seemed to have fixed the trouble.  It also have a very limited area on the mouse pad when I could control the the movement in a small area, that too seems to have been resolved.

At least, for today, if is functioning in tip-top shape.  Strange things is I know I was not playing with the mouse settings,  perhaps the computer is possessed.

Monday, April 28, 2014



I think the cold winter is almost over; exceptive for the fact there was frost on the lawn yesterday morning.   I wanted to take the winter quilt off the bed but worry that I may freeze some night.

I like sleeping with the window open;or perhaps open just a crack at night.   I have to make my decision soon, or get everything off the bed and into the washer and then to storage until about October. 

The whole winter was extremely cold and snowy and the chill has extended into Spring.  Who knows what summer will bring.   The interesting thing, to me, was the fact the the Farmer Almanac had predicted a brutal winter, and they did better that the National Weather Service.    I heard a tidbit and the Farmers Almanac predicted a cooler summer, and the weather service predicted a hot summer.   It all remains to be seen. 

The husband could not get connected to his brother on Facetime.  Seems the brother had updated his iPad and now it will not connect.   His brother said he had just done an update and husband said he had never updated his iPad.   

The daughter stopped by and took a look and said there were multitudes of updates not installed, LOL.  She said she would stop by on Tuesday to hopefully solve the dilemma.  This should be an all evening affair.

Since I do not have an iPad I do not have the problem and do not know how to solve the problem.   My iPhone, however, is updated.  This will make an interesting story when I relay the procedure.

Monday, April 7, 2014


I just realized that I have not posted since the end of February.   It is starting to warm up, so they say.   It is funny that 56 F seems warm to the lengthy cold winter.  I am glad to see this winter season end.  I hear the same sentiments from anyone I talk to when the subject is mentioned.

Yesterday I went to the Phipps Conservatory to the Spring Flower Show and took a few pictures.   The scent of the hyacinths was in the air.   It amazes that they produce such a fragrance.  I do not have any bulbs planted in my yard because they will be eaten by various woodland creatures.  They do not seem to bother the annuals.

At the end of my visit I usually stop at their coffee shop and get a coffee and a sweet.  They sweets are from a local bakery that is famous for Burnt Almond Tortes. The Torte is unbelievable.   Much to my dismay and disappointment they did not have the little bites, which is about the size of one fourth of a small cupcake.   I talked to the young woman behind the counter and they are not going to have them anymore because of the sugar content.  WHAT !!!!!!  Since when has the coffee shop decided what I should eat or not eat?  

They were not selling huge slices of the damned thing !!!!   I expressed my displeasure at that.    I will not go and buy the whole cake because that really has too many calories...I think I will post it on their FB page and see what they have to say...