Thursday, February 15, 2018


I have not been writing in my blog, and when I checked it I was really surprised that it has been almost a year and a half.   What have I been doing?    Did I run out of ideas, yes, somewhat.   Have I been lazy, yes a little. 

I read several postings and have noticed that a lot of people have not been writing too.   Am I pouring out my soul on Facebook.   Good grief no on that one.   I just do not know what happened.   I do, however, continue to write in my Genealogy Blog, mostly my discoveries  and how I can to whatever conclusion or non conclusion.  I wonder if I could get the blog published.   Just a thought.

My husbands cell phone is shot.   It started by turning itself off at random times.   He does not have his stuff backed up.  He went to get a new one and when the sales person took the card out to transfer the information it said it was corrupted.    We just viewed the pictures a few minutes before.  The sales guy put the card back and it was still corrupted in the old phone.   Husband was not pleased, he cancelled the sale.

We went home and I connected the phone to my computer and observed the files.  Most of the files I could not open, but one I did and there were his pictures.   I downloaded them pronto. 
Now the stupid battery in the husbands phone said it is "invalid"   What does that mean?   I had a idea to order a new battery.   Same model and everything matched, I put in the new battery and it again says invalid battery.   I see no way of getting his information from the old phone to the new, to be soon purchased, phone.  There goes his apps, along with passwords he did not remember, his contacts but not his pictures, which I may hold for ransom.

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Although I have no been writing much I have been reading the posts.    I was quite surprised when I perused my Blog list and everything has been changed.  I suppose shocked would be a better description...

My last post was about me ranting on how hot it was mid September.    It is now average or a bit above average for the season.   I like the cooler weather much better.

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving and my sister is hosting the meal.   When we have a get together, the host does the main event and the rest of us do the side dishes; that way it is not such a burden on one person.   I suppose after my sibs and I are gone, they will set up a new tradition with their new families.

Sunday, September 18, 2016


I was over this summer about 4 July 2016.    Year keep hearing each year that the last was the warmest on record.    September is more than half over and this week it is still going to be in the 80's  I want to wear my sweaters and new slacks.   I want to turn off the air conditioned and let the breeze blow in the house, I want to be able to use my oven; which I refuse to do in the summer.  GRRRR

The past month  has been bad for the cars we own.   We were driving to a family wedding and the 2005 Subaru Legacy started yelping, no kidding it sounded like a dog.   Chuck stopped the car and we all got out and looked.   We did not feel anything or see a dog cross in front of us.

There was no dog, back in the car and on the road again.  Next it was making noises like we had a bunch of washer rolling around in a beer can.  The venue for the wedding was very close and we made it.   This car has about 60,000 miles on an eleven year old car.  He had to call AAA and have the car towed to the dealer.

Wonder of wonders, it was diagnosed with a blown turbocharger.   To replace it was 2K and they also thought a short block should be done too.   That was 5K or a total of 7K, for a car that its Blue Book value was listed as 4K.    He had the car towed back home and has been installing the turbocharger himself.  It has been two weeks and we are hoping it will be OK.

Exactly one week after the turbocharger incident our daughter was coming home from work when she called to say there was something  seriously wrong with her car.....Loss of power, warning lights flashing and the engine was revving with with a room, room, room.   I love AAA, the short of that story is it was electrical and needed a new hiring harness since they could not isolate the problem.  Ca-ching, Ca-ching, Ca-ching.

It has not been a good month.

Sunday, March 27, 2016


For the most part I like Windows 10, except for the fact I can not connect to Live Writer.   It seems to me that the features I like are being discontinued.   Not discontinued per say, but just not being updated, along with some features of Google.   I expect that at some point in time I will get a message that Blogger will go away too.

I wanted to use the Live Writer to write in my blog and I kept getting an error message, grrrrr.  One of the instruction had a person going into Windows Powershell, what the hell is that???    I just can't take some writers word that this will be OK and not screw up the whole works.

Enough of that for now.  Yesterday my daughter and I had a visit to the Phipps Conservatory for the Spring Flower Show.   I really enjoyed this because there was not a miniature train to be seen.   One of my comments a while back was I went to the Flower Show to see flowers not trains.  

At one time, a few years back, there was a huge parking lot next to the museum/ library.   The powers that be decided, like a lot in political positions, that they knew better than the citizens.   The plan was to remove the parking lot and install a park. good idea except for the fact is all you can walk on are the concrete sidewalks and the grass portions are blocked off with Do Not Walk on the Grass signs.  Go figure that one.

Next we went to the CARNEGIE MUSEUM and walked around there a bit and then across the park, and had lunch at the CONFLICT KITCHEN   which is featuring Persian Food.   I had chicken with a sauce made from walnuts and pomegranates, which sounds like a weird combination, but it was very tasty.  

After that we went to the Carnegie Library and then off to do some other shopping.    I have no idea how far we walked but I was exhausted by the evening.

Monday, September 21, 2015


October is my favorite month and in just about two weeks we will be done with September.  The weather has been weird and hot, I read that this September is probably going to be the hottest on record.     I am overjoyed to hear that.  

Nothing going on in my life, I should find something exciting to do but what will that be?

I have been asking myself for a few years, or perhaps this is the best it gets.   I am starting to sound like I need to talk to a therapist.

I was looking at the pictures I had taken in Europe and Asia, when we lived in both places and much to my amazement most of then have faded.   They were taken in the mid 1970's and I notice a lot of them have done that, not only mine but pictures that other post.  Why did that happen?  I need to go and see if I can find someone to put them on a CD or DVD for me.   That will give me a lot to do.

On to the story of the Korean rats, just for Jon.   When we lived in Korea we were assigned a two bedroom apartment, it was luxurious standards for the time.  We also had a Wire Hair Fox Terrier, he did not like the denizens of that country.   He had to be in 10 days quarantine and we had given the dog holding place a large bag of dry dog food for them to feed him and when we got him back he had lost so much weight.   I think now they sold the food on the black market and starved the dog.  I think also some of the dogs told him they ate dogs there.

He would lay at the entry to the apartment and listen to everyone who would go up and down.   Sometimes he would growl and sometimes nothing at all.   It took me a while to figure it out but he did not bark or growl at the expats only the locals.  The locals would not come in the apartment unless the dog was secure behind the bathroom door, some of the people had their apartment broken into but not us....

One day I head noise next to the bathroom and it was scurrying and scratching, then I noticed the loud squeaking.   There were rodents running up and down the pipes in the walls and they were not small.    In a few days we were notified that rat poison had been baited, the idea was for them to go outside in search of water.   And in a few days they did.   They were the largest rats I have ever seen. They were a light gray and about two foot long, which included the tail.

When the dog first saw then he went crazy, pulling at the leash, snapping his jaws and growling. He had an instinctual hatred for the those varmints and I am sure he would have ripped one apart if he had gotten hold of it.   There was a mass extinction outside of the apartment building, it was rather gross.

Enough of the rats.

Sunday, August 9, 2015


I just happened to notice that I haven't posted in almost two months.  I guess my life is very mundane,or boring I have  to decide which.   I suppose my writing decreased with my retirement and I do not know because I supposedly have more time than ever.    I just have squeezed more things to do and do not have, or make time to write.

I guess I need to Google "how to get back my mojo for writing" or "How to motivate my myself to do a lot of thing I said I would do, including writing."    The latter sounds like a better description of it.
I guess I will contemplate that for a bit to see what develops.

The weather is still hot, and that is a relative term.   On the radio it call the temperatures in the mid to high 80's as warm.   To me this is not the truth, because I consider anytime I have to turn on the A/C to be hot.   The problem at my house is it is on an East-West orientation and we have trees trees on the East facing back of the house and the front faces directly West.   Which means that after about 2 PM it gets really hot in this house.   Since this is the first house we bought we had no idea that it would be so hot in the summer.  I have since learned not to do this again. If I sell this house it will be in the spring or fall, and I will check the orientation of the next one before I buy.

Wednesday, June 17, 2015


This has been a very busy past two weeks.   We decided to buy a gazebo and put it on the deck; this worked fairly well.  The exception to that was the assembly of the structure.     The instruction said could be completed by four men in 3 to 5 hours.    We did not have the four men and it took us four days.  Working at the rate of 2-4 hours per afternoon.

It was made in China and it only had drawn pictures of what to do, something  was lost in translation. One would think that two college educated people would be able to do this, but that was not the case.  The most difficult part, after the pictograph instruction was the roof.   Enclosed was numerous metal bars for the roof constructions, you had so many letter on the bar and you had to get them together while working above your head, we both needed a five foot ladder but did not have two.

After get the support structure together the next step was to install the roof panels, starting with the top.  They slid into the above bars, of course that was another trial.  Some of them slid and some had to be tapped into place, and by the time we had a few in place they would slide out from some other area.  I felt like the damned thing was playing the Hokey Pokey.

On the fourth day we got it together but it was so hot outside we sat in the house to cool off.  Furniture is next but I am afraid that the selection is spartan because the summer season is over.  I suppose I will be seeing snow blowers soon for sale in the stores.