Monday, April 7, 2014


I just realized that I have not posted since the end of February.   It is starting to warm up, so they say.   It is funny that 56 F seems warm to the lengthy cold winter.  I am glad to see this winter season end.  I hear the same sentiments from anyone I talk to when the subject is mentioned.

Yesterday I went to the Phipps Conservatory to the Spring Flower Show and took a few pictures.   The scent of the hyacinths was in the air.   It amazes that they produce such a fragrance.  I do not have any bulbs planted in my yard because they will be eaten by various woodland creatures.  They do not seem to bother the annuals.

At the end of my visit I usually stop at their coffee shop and get a coffee and a sweet.  They sweets are from a local bakery that is famous for Burnt Almond Tortes. The Torte is unbelievable.   Much to my dismay and disappointment they did not have the little bites, which is about the size of one fourth of a small cupcake.   I talked to the young woman behind the counter and they are not going to have them anymore because of the sugar content.  WHAT !!!!!!  Since when has the coffee shop decided what I should eat or not eat?  

They were not selling huge slices of the damned thing !!!!   I expressed my displeasure at that.    I will not go and buy the whole cake because that really has too many calories...I think I will post it on their FB page and see what they have to say...

Thursday, February 27, 2014


Since I am fixated on this unforgettable and much hated winter, I have heard the update on the radio this morning.    Even though the storm is still off the Western coast, and not yet formed, the prognostication is we may get a foot of snow and or ice.

Now, should I take my car out of the garage and put it in the driveway because that will give me less of the driveway to shovel, or is this fantasy thinking?   I think I will leave it in the garage because I can not reach the top of the Forester to get the snow off of the roof.   I will just take a Motrin before so my arms do not hurt when I shovel the load.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014


I think that I and all the people of the Northern portion of the USA are slowly going raving mad.   I was starting to feel a little better when it was actually warm over the past weekend.   Most of the snow had melted, the weather was warm; at 50 F it actually felt warm even thought it was not in reality.  But 50 is better than 10.

On the local station it hinted this morning that there was something going on this Sunday into Monday.   I am happy that the rain has now arrived in California and a series of systems seem to be on their doorsteps, so to speak.  In fact, some of them who had forest fires nearby were preparing for mudslides and floods.

This same system is going to go across the Midwest and into the Northeast and with it brings snow, freezing rain and perhaps ice storms.   Everyone I talk to is bordering on weather induced insanity.   I am thinking that perhaps they should start to put anti anxiety medication in our water supply, starting tomorrow.

I am glad that I have not worn out the snow shovel this winter and I am considering replacing the driveway and installing a heating system that will melt the snow on the concrete....

Wednesday, February 19, 2014


ChristmasandTreeTriming 001
Henry was my buddy.  I found him at the Western Pennsylvania Human Society in 1999.  Henry was such a small red kitten with the biggest meow.  I guess he wanted out of that cage; I chose two kittens that day.

Lucy is the other cat, who currently is sleeping in front of the furnace vent.  When the heat comes on that is where you would find them. Molly is our third cat, they are all now old girls.  We adopted two cats because our older two cats had died earlier that year and I was ready to look for two new kittens.   I wanted two because they would be able to entertain each other.

When they first came home we made a bed in the downstairs because I wanted them close to the litter boxes.   One evening, after kitten bedtime, I heard scratching at the door.   To what to my wondering eyes should appear but little Henry walking in the living room.  He appeared to be smiling.   I had to get up and walk over to the steps to see if the door was open.  It was closed, how in the world did he squeeze himself under the door?   

That trick did not last very long, because in  few days they had the run of the house and Henry got bigger.  A few years ago my daughter send me a lint to a U tube

This is how I imagined it happened.

He sometimes got into mischief, like the day he knocked over the Christmas tree.  I wish I had a video of that. I think he had a watch, because every morning he would come meowing to feed him in the morning.   Henry would sit on the back of the couch and groom everybody's head, need it or not.

His two favorite things to do was eat and look out the window. He also would lay down beside me on the couch while I was on the computer or reading. When the cat was younger he would jump up on to the window sill and survey the back yard.  As he got older he had trained me to place him up there by meowing as he stood under it.

He got sick on Saturday and the word was that he was in kidney failure.  Despite IV fluids and medication he got worse and passed away on Sunday.   My husband had to dig a hole in the cold, cold earth and we buried him outside the window where he love to sit and watch the world go by.

I miss my buddy.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014



This week has been a trifecta of winter storms.   I can’t even remember the one on Sunday.   Last evening it was snow followed by sleet and again by rain.   The rain is freezing on contact with the cold ground. 

We got the driveway shoveled; it is now wet with icy patches.  The road is the same.  Since it is going down to 15 F tonight everything wet will be ice in the morning.

That is no the worst news, I am reading about this weekend and the word blizzard and large amount of snow keep popping up.  I will have to make sure my wine supply is up to date.

I feel so depressed so I think I will go and make cookies or something sweet.

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Wednesday, December 18, 2013


I am sitting here and I have decided that I hate this winter, and it isn't even winter yet.   It all started before Thanksgiving and continued until now.    I can not remember such a snowy time between Holidays.   Not that any of us can do a thing about it.

I am also finding less and less to write about, perhaps it is my mundane life...There were not too many presents to buy and they have been purchased.  We made a wise decision to pull names for gift giving and then only names for the children, who are now all grown.  I am sure the retailers association would not agree with our plan, but it makes it easier for the family.

This Christmas we will be going to my sisters, and she lives close by.  My assignment are two vegetables to prepare.  I have given one vegetable dish to my daughter. She will study and peruse cook books and the internet and come up with a brilliant idea.  I am going to make green beans and I have done my perusal and determined that there are not too many new ideas for the beans.   I have been getting some ideas from my post of Facebook,  I do not know what it will be but I will fancy them up a bit and try to keep the calorie count down.

I finally got the wreath on the door, and candles in the windows.   We have not had a tree for a few years, and I miss the tree but not the hassle of the procedure and disposal. We should get an artificial tree but The husbands does not want one, it would just be more work anyway.

i am beginning to sound like an old grump, and here I am.