Tuesday, October 14, 2008


I have made a decision, and that is the gadget world map has got to go. Everyone still looks like they are in middle America. I have seen a lot of other maps and this one is not making any points with me. It will have to be investigated further......................

Today I went to my Genealogical Group meeting. I have not found anyone new, the problem is my relatives have not come to the USA via the Mayflower. Actually, when you get down to it, I am a first generation American. My mother was born in Germany. I never learned to speak German because I was born after WWII, nobody was teaching their kids to speak German at that time.

The second work day off, I went to the Library, grocery store, and the genealogical meeting. Then I stopped at the LDS Church to request some microfilms of Rosshaupt, Bohemia. This place in now in Czechoslovakia. That particular town is about 1 km from the German border. At the time it was part of the Austria Hungarian Empire. The relatives spoke German, I have a copy of their tombstone, and it is written in German. After the war the German Czechs were expelled and sent to Austria and Germany. At least they did not do "ethnic cleansing" and murder them......

We went out to dinner this evening. Emil has her bone test, they ask every lump and bump on each and every bone. Forty years ago I did not do good on MY bone test. I have never, ever had to know any of those lumps and bumps on the bone that they asked for many years ago. I hope she did OK, she doesn't think she got an A, but I hope it is OK.

Who knows what I will do tomorrow, I have alread got the windows cleaned. It is warm outside, I am looking forward to a little coolness.

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  1. I had that world map up for a day and then took it out when all I was showing was visits from the middle part of the country. Yet, my sitemeter was showing me that I had a visitor from Spain and many states that weren't in the middle. I see you removed yours too, can't blame you.