Thursday, October 30, 2008

Got out a few minutes early. My room was finished and I didn't have any more cases to do. It is really a treat leaving early; my main reason is that I had to buy the Halloween candy. I wait till the last minute because I do not want anything there that I may eat. Another pointer is that I buy things I do not like, that really cuts down on the calorie intake. The weather tomorrow looks like it will be on the warmer side. The door bell will ring and the cats will scatter. I can sit and work on my computer and pass out candy. What I need is a glass of hot mulled wine, but first I need a good recipe for that. I had mulled wine in Europe and it tasted so much better than what I have had here....wish I could recreate it.

Tomorrow is the last day for this week. I will be up early Sunday morning driving to the educational meeting. I will leave about 7 or so because it is an eight hour drive. I do not like to drive in the dark, my antiglare glasses help a lot. But I find it difficult when driving on unfamiliar roads.
I took my old computer (HP XP) to my brother in law and he said the hard drive was shot. Is it worth fixing???? It is 4 years old. Bill said yes and he got a new hard drive for $58.00; and now it is up and running very well. I had read an article that stated that the hard drives are only good for three or four years. That is really planned obsolesce. Why would anyone spend thousands on something that will wear out in a short period of time? I wonder if it is because hey are more fragile, or not made with as high of quality or is it because the desk tops stay stationary and do not get the same wear and tear? Who knows !!!!!


  1. Hi Claudia, I would give a lot to have my windows xp back. I just do not like vista even after having it for about 6 mo. Joe got candy to but we get very few goblins anymore. I guess after living here for nearly 39 years everyone has grown up. Lucy

  2. Have a great weekend, and a very safe trip. I hear you about night-driving. I have terrible night vision, and if it's raining, fuggedaboudit!

    Hugs, Beth

  3. so what kind of candy did you buy to pass out? we got a bag of Hershey mini bars and I've been munching on them and we weren't even planning to be home to pass out candy (helped out at a carnival at church but got a bag just in case, of course I had to get my favorite, LOL)

    save driving on Sunday!


  4. I hope you make your trip safely. I have not been ablre to drive at night since cataract surgery. But night viusion is not the best for several years before. Lucy

  5.; You saved my day again.

  6. Guy
    You have got to see this. Obama playing on XBox. Funniest video ever.