Saturday, October 11, 2008


Henry is my red cat. He is going on 10 years old. Henry likes to look out the bathroom window. He would jump up on the bathroom sink and face the window; which is about four feet off the ground.

He would sit and move his head up and down as if calculating his trajectory and velocity to just up and land on the sill which is three feet away.

Now, he has difficult jumping up on the sink and does not attempt to jump to the sill. I think he tried to jump one day while I was not at home and did not make the leap. Then he probably fell to the floor.

So, now, he sits under the window and meows and I will pick him up and place him on the sill where he will sit and peruse the back yard. I also have to close the lit on the toilet because he now jumps there and then to the floor. Poor Henry. He is still eating well and does his duty in his box.


  1. its always hard when pets get older; he seems like a nice cat :)


  2. Awwww, Bless his little heart. As long as he is eating he is doing okay. My Jezzy is 20 years old and has slowed down alot but still has a ravenous appetite. Give henry a hug from me.