Tuesday, October 14, 2008

I decided to continue the Halloween theme. This is also the Eastern State Penitentiary. There are about 32 cats around the building. They are ceramic or some sort of glass material. After the prison closed in the early 70's a colony of cats moved in. They were put in the trap, neuter and release program and eventually they were all deceased. The cat icons are in memory of the live ones. I had take a lot of the cat photos, maybe I will post more.
Soon to be out and about this morning. Need to hit the Library, the grocery store and the Genealogy Group Meeting. I am have more luck find my husbands ancestors than I am my own. I think that is because his were her in the USA earlier and mine came later. I am also have trouble finding mine because of the poor record keeping, and the loss of many records in 1922 in Irelands War for Independence. There was a fire at the repository for those records.
The Germans, I need to know what town they were from. If I find that I can proceed. I know that the Germans with their inclination for precision and record keeping would have it recorded back to who knows when. But also, with the wars who knows how many of them were lost.


  1. I think its neat they have ceramic cats to remember the other cats; you don't hear of that too often. enjoy the day; seems like a fun busy one


  2. That is such an interesting story about the cats and now the statues all around.