Monday, October 20, 2008


Lucy and Henry.
Today was the second installment of the vet adventures. Lucy is a very pretty grey and white cat. This morning I had to take Lucy and Henry to the vet.

In order not to repeat last weeks adventures of chase the cat, I decided to just get the one who was hardest to find. The furnace has been on and she was enjoying the tranquility of sleeping in front of the heat duct. I picked Lucy up and she started to Meow, rather sadly I might add. I took her down to the basement and popped her in her carrier, then out to the car.

When I came back up to get Henry all three cats were gone. I found last weeks victims, Molly and Jenny, peering out from under the dining table. They look apprehensive. I think they knew they were off the hook, but ran just to be safe. But, Henry was no where to be found. I called his name and shook the cat treat jar, no one appeared......None of them were buying the cat treat trick. So off I went without him. He is scheduled for next Tuesday afternoon. Chuck will be home in case I need reinforcements with the cat catching.

I have decide to do one of two things. Take one cat at a time, or have an accomplice to catch the second cat while I catch the first. This will require stealth and agility. But I do not have to worry till next year.


  1. glad Lucy cooperated; those cats of yours are so funny; they know though don't they?

    I hope Henry will be easy to catch next week :)


  2. Too bad your cats don't follow you into the bathroom like mine do... then you could just trap them all in there like I do mine whenever we have to "take a little ride."