Monday, October 27, 2008


Well, here are some more of the Flamingos. I wish I had the flamingo concession to sell them to the Phipps. The computer gremlins have followed me here. I am having trouble with my wireless. It started going in and out. Then a few times it just will not connect, the signal strength is good, but even after I go into the bowels of the computer it will not sign on.

I did find out that if I happen to get near the wireless modem it clicks on in nanoseconds. I think that there is something wrong with the wireless card. No one else in the house is having trouble like this. It is still under warranty so I will give them a call. Fortunately the people they have working here have English as their native language. That is half the battle.

Another demon has appeared. When I went to spell check the flamingo picture disappeared. Guess I will add it in a separate posting. Or try to add it below.

Tomorrow I have to go for my tooth repair. This will be a two step procedure, I will not be happy until it is done. Then at 3:30 I have to take my last cat, Henry, to the vet. He was my escapee, he hid and I never did find him. Tomorrow I will have help in my red cat roundup.

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  1. so glad you will have help capturing that reluctant cat :)