Saturday, October 25, 2008


This is Jenny, Emily's cat. She jumped up on the back of the couch and it fell over.
Better watch your calories Jen.......I guess the cat thought "If I sit here maybe they won't notice that the chair is down." Jenny is currently sitting beside me as I lay stretched out on the love seat.
Today is a very rainy day. It started last evening and is still raining. The forecast said we will get about an inch. We need the rain.
A project we have to do it take down the awning over the deck. It is about 28 feet long and 12 feet wide. To do this we need it to dry out and have the grass dry because we will need to put it on the grass and fold up the awning. Looks like it won't happen this week.
The forecast is calling for snow showers on Tuesday. The rain makes the day seems like a good day to stay in the house and do nothing. I wanted to go to the Fall Flower Show but it would not be a good day for pictures. Maybe tomorrow will be a better day. It will be a busy football weekend. Maybe a exciting game or two in the rain or mud. I really do not care about football. Sitting still watching the TV is boring for me. I need something to do. Like read, do crossword, or peruse what it on the Internet.
I have gotten my absentee ballot. I will be at an education meeting in Virgina the week of the election It will be a eight hour drive, most of which is on the Interstates. Continuing education is mandatory and I will get all of my twenty required points in one week. Plus the bonus is the hotel is about a 30 minute drive from where my brother lives. It will be good to see him and his family.
Long ago, pre-interstates, my dad decided to take the family to Florida. It was at the end of June. We all sat (eight of us) in the Chevy station wagon; no seat belts, no air conditioning and drove thru every town from here to Key West. Every time my sister say (that's you Shawnna) the Esso Tiger she would say she had to go to the bathroom; even if the last stop was fifteen minutes ago. It was a cacophony of the brother fighting, he looking at me, he is staring, he is in my space, it went on and on. It is a wonder we all survived. We never had an accident during that trip. But I do recall that one Sunday, in the mountains of Virginia the car broke down. I think it was a wheel bearing, my dad did find a garage, who was even open and he was able to fix it and we were on our way. I still remember that gristly looking mechanic and he talked non stop. I think my dad gave him a tip for his hard work. I think he was probably glad to get those troublesome boy out of his garage.


  1. LOL at Jenny knocking over the couch. I can just imagine her thinking, "La la la, nothing to see here...oh. Hi Mom. Is there a problem?" Hee hee!

    A rainy day here, too. They mentioned the S-word for Monday or Tuesday, too. :(


  2. what a great memory with your family on that trip!! I bet it was a great time to actually be in the car, all of you, without anyone texting on a cell phone, listening to an iPod or watching a movie on the DVD player in the vehicle; lots of memories made on that trip I'm sure :)

    snow already!! wow we are still in the 90s :)