Sunday, October 26, 2008


Back home after my morning at the Fall Flower Show. I was disappointed, but I did take some pictures. First, they had this summer a exhibit on Chocolate. Somehow (????) this show was infused with pink flamingos......Really, the kind you would see as lawn ornaments where ever that short of decoration is popular. Maybe Jimmy Buffet has them, O....those pink flamingos. Honestly there must have been hundreds of them.

My image of fall flowers are shades of gold, orange and reds. What the had were shaded of maroon and pink. The oranges and yellow flowers that were on their web site advertising the show were nonexistent. I am glad I have a subscription or I would have been disappointed if I had paid for the show. Guess I will have to wait for the Christmas Show..

Emily works at a jewelry store at the Monroeville Mall. That was forever immortalized in one of the Living Dead Movies by George Romero. I have never seen the one featuring the Monroeville Mall and the Zombies. Anyhow, they are having a Zombie Fest today. They wanted to have a zombie walk from Macys to Boscovs; had thousands of zombies doing the walk. A Guiness record was in the planning. Emily call and said there were zombies everywhere; did you get pictures I asked???? NO, that girl has a photo phone and no zombie pics... I would have liked to see them but not enough to go and see them in person or take their pictures....

I stopped by the mall yesterday and they had Zombie Vendors, selling all sort of related things to the Fest, actors from the past movies, and books and other memorabilia. I guess it was good if you like that sort of thing, I personally did not spend my money.


  1. I am really anxious to see your new pictures. Lucy

  2. Oh my goodness, that's the mall from "Dawn of the Dead"?! I would love to see pics!! I remember seeing that at the theater with my sister, and we were both so grossed out, but laughing at the fun scare!


  3. How goulishly wonderful to see the Fest. Sorry the flower show was not as nice as you hoped :o)

  4. pink flamingos remind me of the zoo LOL; San Diego zoo had a big exhibit of them right when you walked into the zoo

    sounds like fun to see all those zombies :)