Friday, October 10, 2008


These are my recycled fish photo. The fish have not been harmed in recycling this photo. It was also taken in Phipps Conservatory.........If you take pictures that involve reflective thing the most important thing to remember is DO NOT USE THE FLASH. All you will do is show the flash on the surface. And possibly scare the fish. This was listed as the large photo, I wish I could make it larger than that.

I have come to a conclusion about the upcoming election. I really do not think that either of the candidates can fix the mess that big business have created. I look at the "bailouts" and it will not do much for the average American. What about a "bailout" for the regular middle class worker.......we did nothing to contribute to this mess, yet my pension funds are going down.

I will be 62 soon and was looking forward to retirement. But, how can we do this now? There has been almost 2 trillion lost in our collective retirement accounts. I know I am fortunate that my husband and I are still working, we are both in health care. But even in the operating room and other area of the hospitals there are layoffs and another development. My husbands hours have been decreased. It is called "staff leveling" that works like this: if the operating schedule is light they tell the staff to stay home. If the patient census is low they tell the staff to stay home. You can not collect unemployment because you are not unemployed permanently.
We just have to go with the flow with the rest of the country. I think this is going to take a long time to recover. I hope my health holds out, I know a lot of people who will need to work till they die. I am glad we have never felt the need to buy a larger house, we still live in the same home we bought in 1972.
We have added to the original house. We added a family room and master bedroom and a bath. Chuck and I did a lot of the work known as sweat equity. I mostly supervised him, and was the gofer. That takes a lot of time because we were working on our time after coming home from work.. Somewhere I have the pictures of that. Actually, I have a lot of pictures away in boxes that I still intend to scan. Guess I REALLY should get started on my day..............


  1. great fish photo... I love koi. and, yes, we have ma/ny patients who hit the door in 8/10 abd. pain, chest pain, sob, etc. who once vitals are taken and labs are drawn ask for a lunch box. at ECMC they have a sandwich, a milk, an apple and OJ, at BGH they have the same with the addition of a cookie. however, BGH has a breakfast one that has cereal, a banana, a mini muffin, milk and OJ. plus ginger ale, I didn't realize it was so poplular until I was in the ED and all the patients seem to know to ask for it :)


  2. I tagged myself as a Follower. Come on over and visit sometime. -Karen

  3. It sounds to me like you and your hubby are doing the right thing...just hunker down and see how this plays out. You're in good shape because you don't need to move, you probably have pretty decent health care, and a job in health care, while there might be a slowdown, is never going to go away.

    Ken is buying while prices are low (no way we can afford Google stock, LOL--I WISH!), because we believe there will eventually be an upturn. But I think it will take a few years, sad to say. What a mess!