Friday, October 17, 2008


Today I took two cats, Molly and Jenny to the vets. It was a harrowing experience, for me as well as the cats.
Did you ever watch the Animal Planet show where the rescuers go to the hoarders house and they try to cats the cats with net.
It was something akin to that but I did not have a net.
Firstly they have some innate knowledge of the impending trip. I try to pick up Molly, and she runs for her life and hides under the bed. When I try to get her out, she runs again. Her meows were getting increasingly louder. After 15 minutes she ran into the bathroom (big mistake Molly, never get your self trapped in a box canyon) and was captured.
Then I have to take her to put her in the cat carrier. As I opened the bedroom door there are three spooked cats outside and they scatter like bowling pins. Now, they all know that one of them is next and they all flee. It took me another ten minutes to capture Jenny. She then also went into the cat carrier. They immediately began hissing at each other and I think I heard a few growls too. I got a cardboard disposable box from the vet for the return trip. Since neither of them chewed it up, I think I can plan to use it for awhile. They will ride solo in two carriages to the vet. Next Monday I have to take Lucy and Henry for their check ups, that will be round two, I am not looking forward to that capture at all.
The actual visit was uneventful. They now are wary and avoiding me like the plague. I hope I can gain their trust before it is time to go next year. Does anyone have any other suggestions on cat capture? They know before I know that I plan to take them somewhere.


  1. Claudia, I never know what to expect when I go on your site. I love it!!! Lucy

  2. We have no problem capturing Sheeba, it is when we get to the vet that he turns into demon cat. Last time we went, I was afraid that he was going to get hurt by me trying to hold him for shots. So, since he is an indoor kitty, we no longer make him suffer the vet. Hope you have better luck with your other two next week :o)

  3. Cats have an uncanny sense when vet time nears. You may notice that they are much like Tonto to your Lone Ranger except when Indians (vet) attack.


  4. Food works for me, I'll offer the cat I need to catch food and when they go to eat swoop them up and in the carrier they go...Otherwise as you found out, it's a cat and mouse game literally. Hope you have better luck next week. (Hugs)Indigo

  5. Dogs are no different. Believe me!
    Love your journal entries, especially the words as I am a reading teacher, retired, and still enjoy the learning.

  6. I was howling with laughter ... only because I could totally relate.

    My cat, I just offer him a little human food and he's all mine.

    Toby, the dog is a completely different story and for his size he is amazingly good at avoiding capture. ::sigh:: Oh and it took THREE of us to hold him so he could his shots, even then it was like riding a bucking horse. I might have to write about that lovely experience.


  7. LOL; I have no experience with cats; if they were corgis, I would say give them food; that's how I always get Koda to do anything

    Koda loves car rides but the vet told us when he was a puppy to take him for car rides that just weren't to the vet; if they associate the car with the vet they start becoming very reluctant getting into it; don't know if cats are the same

    this story gave me a laugh although I'm sure it wasn't funny collecting them and getting them to the vet


  8. Ken is right--the problem is when he's in the office. Terrible!

    I've heard that to get cats used to a carrier--and I did this with Sheeba, and never have a problem getting him into it--put it an old shirt that smells like you. Leave the door open, and leave it sitting out so they can explore it and get used to it.

    As far as them knowing you're taking a trip to the vet...I have no idea!