Tuesday, October 28, 2008


I am really bummed. Went to the dentist, after removing the cap and working on my tooth, he told me that the tooth is "nonrestorable" which means it has to be removed. The reason I did not have any pain is that the tooth had a root canal 15 years ago. So, now it has to be removed and I will have a hugh gap where the two molars should be. He also said that there is not enough bone to support an implant. Even with a bone graft it would not work. I am glad he told me that, rather than go ahead and do the work and find out $1,000 later that it didn't work. There is not enough structure in my jaw to support the pin. You need a lot of bone, and mine was not enough. The tooth will be removed at some later time, I did not make the appointment. The teeth are a poor design in human evolution, they are so fragile and subject to decay. The only alternative is to have them all pulled and get dentures!!!!! Yikes, I am not going to do that, guess I will be chewing on one side only.
The second item for today was taking the car to Subaru. It has a recall and got that done along with an oil change. I am leaving for VA this Sunday and wanted to get it done. I finally got Henry to the vet. He was easy to catch today because he was blissfully unaware he was going.. Sorry Hen....He growled and meowed so loudly in the back of the car. Actually, he sounded like a mountain lion, Chuck could not believe how much noise he was making.......all that happened to him was two shots, and a exam. Surprisingly, he did not offer one peep on the way home. Only twelve months before I have to go thru this torture again.
Henry is the HAIR BALL KING. He barfs these huge hair balls, the vets suggestion is to give him Petromalt, he does like it, and brush the cat. That should be a good one, I can't wait to start the cat grooming. I have to find the brush, I think they hid it......When he got home the girls sniffed him like they had never seen him before in their lives. There was a lot of hissing on the girls part, sorry Hen.....
Back to work tomorrow, I am doing Orthopedics; every Wednesday is a late start day. The schedule starts 30 minutes late because we have an education meeting. Somehow, Wednesday seems to be our busiest day.; everything gets bogged down and the schedule lasts forever. I am glad I am only eight hours, but, that doesn't not mean I will be only working eight hours. If you are in a room, and no relief is in sight, you can not leave. That would be abandonment, which is strictly a no no, and against all that is proper, a nurse or doctor CAN NOT ABANDON PATIENTS. Well, tomorrow is another day. I am really bummed about my dental turmoil....


  1. Can't you get a bridge? I thought that's what is usually done when there is a gap between teeth.


  2. I had a bridge, It was one of the anchors of the bridge that is non restorable....The molar at the back of my jaw. I am sure if there was anyway the dentist could have made a buck or two he would have done it......He is honest!!!!

    The bridge lasted almost 40 years, gues that was a lot of milage for bridgework!!!!


  3. LOL; I had to laugh, thinking what would happen if at the end of your shift, you said "I'm clocking out" right in the middle of a case; I can see the looks!! (and I know you wouldn't do that)

    so glad all the cats are done for the vet this year :) I bet that was a big sigh of relief

    sorry about your tooth :(


  4. Well Claudia, you have a right to be bummed as far as the dentist. I was told when I was 37 that I needed to have the remainder of my teeth out because they were not helping a weakened system get better. Hold off on dentures as long as possible. As Beth said maybe a bridge. Dental work is outrageously expensive also. Lucy

  5. Sorry, I had not read your comments on the bridge. You are between a rock and a hardplace. I wish you the best on return to work and your tooth. Lucy

  6. As Beth said a Bridge would fill the gap. I had one made last summer. It's a sad point that the teeth go so easily, no matter the time and money you put into them.

    Poor Henry. The thing about cats though, they forgive you soon enough. After all your the one who can open the cat food cans *winks*...Seems like you've had your own bit of cat fun lately as well. (Hugs)Indigo

  7. Sorry to hear about the dental woes. I can relate. Have a tooth/former root canal that isn't looking too happy these day. Your Henry story had me giggling. Thanks! Glad you made the transition. I won't feel normal unless I can catch up with all the blogs that got zapped from AOL.
    Lori http://lori-pictureperfectinhouston.blogspot.com/

    PS You're right! They do need a Healthcare check off box!