Friday, October 10, 2008


Well, my to my cynical amazement I must admit, AOL came across and I successfully moved my AOL journal to BLOGGER. I entitled my transferred journal:
(Claudias AOL Thoughts) and as soon as I figure out how to do I will post it here. Even my photos moved. I am truly amazed a the workings of the computer, just using 1's and 0's. Just think about that. All the workings are based on 1 and 0. Boggles my mind.......
I love you GOOGLE, however, I checked the price of your stock ($349 a share as of yesterday) I can not afford to buy you. BOO HOO sniff sniff sniff.
The first day of my vacation I have gone to the grocery store and pharmacy. Pick up the mail, and decided to work on my journal transfer. If the mood strikes me I may even clean. Usually, when I get that feeling, I just sit down and it will go away.
I also have seen a few gadgets I would like to add, and I have read a lot of journals from new people. What I like about you all, is the fact that I feel you would be the kind of people who I would like to have a cook out with. I think we could all sit and gab and never run out of things to talk about. I can smell the burgers and chicken as I conjure up this thought.

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  1. I just moved my AOL stuff over to blogger and had to recreate a new name so as not to get confused. I put on the old site a message for readers to go to the new site. I hope it works. -Karen