Sunday, October 19, 2008


Today's Word: Evanescent (Adjective)Pronunciation: [e-vê-'ne-sênt]Definition 1: Tending to vanish like vapor, transient. Usage 1: The noun is "evanescence" and the verb is evanesce "to vanish quickly into thin air." Suggested Usage: This is a beautiful word used far too rarely. Evanescent puffs of steam emerge from our mouths on chilly mornings and pleasant days evanesce all too quickly. There are a variety of sterling uses this word will serve: "Money leads such an evanescent existence in my pocket, I shall never be wealthy." Then again, maybe it is beautiful because of its rarity.Etymology: Latin evanescens, present participle of evanescere "to vanish, disappear" from e(x) "from" + vanescere "vanish" from van-us "empty." Akin to "vanish." ("Evanescent" was suggested by Bobby Davis of southern Illinois, who loves the way this word rolls off his tongue. We love what it does to ours, too.) —Dr. Language,

This is kind of what happened to our 401k's.


  1. LOL, so true about 401k; our pastor said last night at church peoples 401k went down to 4k; that's seems about right

    what a beautiful word evanescent means; I don't think I have ever used it but I bet I see it a lot over the next few days

    enjoy your Sunday


  2. Don't forget the band Evanescence!