Sunday, November 16, 2008


I guess it was got cold; cold enough to break out your winter coat and possibly your hat.  There is talk of snow flurries all week.   Not to worry with a Subaru......

I found out that my nephews may possibly bring their girlfriends to Thanksgiving dinner.   My sibs are a rowdy bunch.   They tease and actually if anyone can survive their scrutiny they will be OK.   Right now that gives a total of twenty.  

I ordered the turkey; on the bottom of the voucher slip it states:  "Please do not call and check on your order."   That tells me that people routinely call and check on their turkey.    Emily says that people call the jewelry store all the time to check on their orders or repairs; even though they are told it will be two weeks to be in or four weeks to be repaired.

"Mrs. Smith, when we spoke two days ago I told you the order will take two weeks to come in."   This is common.  

Emily is sort of worried that the stores lease might not be renewed....but she also said that now she would be able to work as a Nursing Assistant for a few hours at the hospital.   That would be good, for the experience and for the money.  Last night she sold $1,700 worth of jewelry; an engagement ring and a mothers ring, good day for her.

I am working on setting up my computer for the scanning of old pictures.    I got the scanner plugged into the computer.    I guess when I start I should back up the pictures as I make folders  from the start.  Maybe I will start today...

I tried to move my photos from AOL to the site they gave me.   All of them did not move; the tech support at American Greeting or where ever it is told me that some of the AOL folders are empty.   I delete nothing, but where did they go????  I also have them backed up two places; maybe I could burn them to a DVD and have a third.  LOL

The picture is from long ago not today.....Its not that bad I took  asst dates 653


  1. It's even cold here in Florida today!

  2. warm and sunny (and on fire) Southern California; good for your daughter with that jewelry sale!!! bet Thanksgiving will be fun with all the crowd expected