Friday, November 14, 2008

Friday, end of the work week!!!!!

I have just spent about an hour downloading the pictures from AOL on to the old computer, but I can not open them on the old computer. I am on a hiatus from the "new" computer. I am setting it up to do scanning of my "old " pictures....... Those pictures are about 30 years old so who knows how they will look. If they do not look so good, so be it..........

I have also downloaded the pictures from AOL to my hard drive, but could not get them to load on to this not know what the problem is there............

I also have not downloaded the Writers Program on the old computer. I think the Old computer is about 5 to 6 years old, which is ancient in computer time.........but it is working well.........Thanks to my brother-in-law.....he will be getting a gift certificate for Christmas, but he does not know it.......I hate to have people do things for me and they do not want to be paid. So a meal out would be great, I would like that for myself...

Today was "hand day" We did five hand cases and all went well. I find it amazing how different people perceive pain.....the surgeries were all the same, I gave the same medication, and more in some cases, but the pain tolerance was so different...........I think it is a combination of ethnic, and age related....the older tolerate more and the ethnic groups have been studied before. Is it a case of expectations or do the different groups experience different levels of pain?????? I have been trying to figure this out for years.....

Tomorrow I will go to the LDS Church and check my microfilms I have ordered, I hope it sheds some light on the past.....then onto the library.. I have always read a lot, but somehow, I am out of the mood for reading. Maybe it will improve with the adven of winter and less to do outside.....


  1. Have a great weekend, Claudia! I hope your genealogy research goes well!

    Hugs, Beth

  2. Isn't it just crazy that a 5 year old computer is "ancient" now!
    Hope you have a great weekend! :-)

  3. My boyfriend, in his infinite wisdom, thought he was being really helpful when he gave me a 3.5 floppy disc of pictures I have no computer capacity to upload. Talk about ancient! I threw away my 3.5 discs years ago. Needless to say the pics went south and I bought a digital camera to take my own pics!

  4. Do you have a account? It's a great way to keep the in-laws and out-laws sorted out.

    Bless your B-I-L. I don't have anyone who knows how to keep a 'puter running, & since National Computers closed their service department, must rely on the gonifs at BB & CC to do it.

    ;^) Jan the Gryphon

  5. I go up and down with reading; I find winter I read more; cozy on the couch with a blanket and a cup of hot tea or apple cider; summer I want to be out enjoying the weather; so I'm like you; hope you find some good books and your research goes well


  6. I would gladly go back to a 5 year old computer with XP. If I was not retired and money limited I would have an old one if I had to look everywhere. This vista is nickle and dimeing me to death. I need memory and it needs backed up altho I just did that. I hate a computer that is constantly telling me what to do and giving me dire warnings if I don't listen to it. Lucy

  7. Everytime I think my computer skills are relatively well honed, my PC decides to freeze or do something to make me realize I have a love-hate relationship with it.