Monday, November 17, 2008


Back to work, today I spent all day doing gyne.   That is "Ladies" surgery for those who do not know......

Tomorrow is a bear of a day.  There are about 60 cases on, and every room is jammed pack with cases.  I think that a lot of people wanted to get their procedures done before Thanksgiving.   I am glad I am only eight hours, but that does not mean I will get out when the eight hours are done. 

It is time again, the time of the year that we all hate, when we get the packet telling us that it is time to select and enroll our choices for the next year.....The health care is the biggest......You will be very surprised when I tell you that people in health care are paying thru the nose for their will cost me about $300-$350 per month for my coverage.......I am sick and tired of teachers going on strike because they now have to pay $20 instead of $10 per month for their coverage.  This is really happening here in Western PA.   Also, the people who work in health care do not have health insurance provided for them when their retire.....When people ask me why am I not retired I tell them I am working for health coverage, and that is the truth and not a lie.......If I could retire at 54 with the same salary and health care paid till I was 65 I would have long ago.   But, no, I am still working because I will get no where what I am making and have to pay FULL PRICE  for the health insurance.  

Also I have to agree with Indigo, Windings are something that didn't need to have been invented......


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  1. It always got busy around this time of year, with lots of surgical specimens coming into the lab. Everyone is trying to get all those insurance dollars spent before the end of the year.

    I have to say on your health insurance costs...holy moley! At the lab, for single coverage, I was paying $10 a month, tops. Odd that there's such a difference in our areas.


  2. Since I'm self-employed I am paying the same cost as you as a single member. I tried looking into group insurance, but got side tracked. Well, the insurance may be high but thank goodness you have a job. My "business" is slower than molasses.

  3. We started using a PPO this year and I hate it.. we're back to having doctor bills again. Yikes.
    Take care.. don't work tooo hard.

  4. my husband got his packet in the mail today to update his choices; he's paying far less than you but I'm paying about $300.00 a month; I'm going to get out of my plan and go on my husband's plan; it will be so much cheaper; only reason I didn't earlier was that he changed jobs in May and we were afraid he wouldn't be eligible for insurance for 90 days but it turned out it was right when he started working but in the meantime I had signed up for us to have insurance through my company and I couldn't get out of it until the next open enrollment which is next month! I'll be happy to have that $300.00 a month more in our pocket

    they keep you coming and going don't they with the different cases? Like Beth said, I'm sure everyone is trying to use their benefit dollars before they expire


  5. I am with you on the health insurance issue. We pay over $500 per month (individual family plan) plus another $490. per month into an HSA as we are responsible for our first $5800. in care per year. Crazy !!!! Check this out...
    Something needs to change !!!!

  6. Read The Invisible Bankers ( ) for the real skinny on insurance. IF you can get your hands on it, that is. It has been out of print for the past 20 years, but is still listed on

    Maybe we need to do as the ancient Chinese did. We would pay the doctor directly until we got sick. Then we would not pay again until we got well.

    ;^) Jan the Gryphon

  7. I am dealing with finding insurance for my mother. She's got medicare, but I need to see about supplemental insurance that will accept her with her kidney disease. Not to mention she gets screwed when it comes to prescription plans. Her medication bill is about $600 a month when in her coverage gap. We'll have to wait and see how things change under the new regime...