Wednesday, November 26, 2008



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A few days ago I was  writing about the view of Pittsburgh. When you come thru the Fort Pitt Tunnels, well, I found my Pittsburgh pictures.   The aforementioned tunnel is to the right of the pictured.  The yellow bridge is where you come out and go across into the city. 

The view is from Mount Washington, the tunnel goes thru this small mountain.   There are a few restaurants up here and the scenery is a  Million dollar view.  There is also the Duquesne Incline.   You park your car and ride up and have dinner overlooking the city.  People from out of town love to do this.   So, back to what I had started to say.  I was looking for my Pittsburgh pictures and found one of them.

I am in the process of giving the house a cleaning in preparation for tomorrows holiday.  I decided to take a break and write a bit.   There is snow outside, my sister Shawnna stopped by and dropped off the second table and she had heard that it had not been as cold as it was one day last week since 1880.   That is a long time ago.  Actually 1880 was the year that my great grandfather emigrated from Ireland.   He probably wonder what kind of place was this that it got so cold in November.

Oh well, back to cleaning....Emily is helping but even after taking her antihistamine she is stuffy and sneezing.  I told her when she gets her own place she should get one without carpets.   She is allergic to dust mites.....yuk.



  1. I think I would enjoy that Duquesne Incline; I like doing fun things like that (especially if food is involved)

    great picture of Pittsburg!

    poor Emily with the dust mites; but such a trooper to want to help out

    enjoy your day tomorrow

    Happy Thanksgiving!


  2. have a nice day...
    the picture of pittsburg really nice.....
    take care...n happy cleaning/preparing for thanksgiving...:)

  3. I remember being stuck in those tunnels when I was in Pittsburgh. I tend to freak out over things like that and wanted to get out of the car and walk to the outside and wait until traffic moved and then resume my car ride.

    Your picture is beautiful, I enjoyed my stay in Pburgh other than the tunnels!!! LOL