Saturday, November 1, 2008


I have the idea for a new project of mine. My email is still on AOL. MY thought is, will AOL become extinct??? I have decided to go thru my Favorites and try to categorize them more efficiently and see what program is out there to help me store the Favorites in a better place. Although I have moved the old journal I can not open it; the one that is on my computer. I am really irked when I get a message that Windows can not open something because it doesn't know what program created I am to have a clue myself about it.................Then it will do a search and tell me it still can not......Anyhow, I want to eliminate the orphans and what I no longer need and then organize what is left. I will count them and see how many, on second thought, that would take too long.
Upcoming election. I have a fear that when I go to bed Tuesday night the results of the election will be so close that we will not know the results, and we will be in the same quagmire of four years ago. I do not think that I can go thru that again. No matter what the outcome, if you do not vote, you have NO RIGHT TO COMPLAIN.


  1. Claudia, I don't think the election will be that close. Maybe it's just wishful thinking, but I think we'll get an indication pretty early on about who will be the winner. Hang in there...we're almost there!


  2. good luck with your reorganizing with files on the computer; I think I need to figure out what I'll do if AOL goes since I have an AOL email address; all my bills I pay online go to that account, lots of changing around

    I'll be glad when the election is over; whoever wins, I know it will be for whatever reason the one God wants to be in charge and that's good enough for me :)

    (but I'm with you; I hope we know sooner than later)


  3. I think that my computer stays up all night calculating new ways to make me angry, no....mad!

    I've always been told that dogs go mad and that people get angry. I don't belive that's true, but I am foaming at the mouth, a bit.


  4. I have some folks at work who don't and won't vote yet they are quick to moan & complain about everything. I told them they have no right to say anything if they are not taking the time to try and change it or at least be part of the process.