Sunday, November 30, 2008

Rainy Sunday

It is a dismal, rainy Sunday. I wanted to go to the Phipps but the light would not be there for taking pics. I wanted to start scanning my old pictures but I tried to scan the photo of Henry and the Christmas tree. It scanned an area and not just the photo......How do I solve that?? Do I need to download a photo editing program or should I try another scanner? Most of my computer blogging comes from trial and error. I a make a lot of errors but seem to be able to solve my own trials.....

Back to work tomorrow, it was nice having off last week. I am ready for part time.....I hope some time this year.......

This evening we are going to try a new restautant, The Aspinwall Grill my brother and his wife said they had the best hamburgers there. I will take a vote on that. I tried to find their web site but what came up had their name on the page but it looked like a search engine page....what was with that.

I am feeling sleepy and I think there is a nap in my future............

1 comment:

  1. oh, so you knew the problem with the picture in the other entry; I don't know how to solve your problem; I haven't tried scanning anything to put on my new journal yet :(

    that new restaurant sounds yummy!! hope you enjoyed yourself

    enjoy the week ahead