Wednesday, November 5, 2008


I am up early and playing with the font size.   I have found out where to enlarge the picture, how to color the letters and now I have to find out how to increase the font size.


I am glad the election is over......I was, along with a lot of others,was tired of all the mud slinging    This was really the most exciting election since JFK, of course I was too you to vote at that time.     I hope all goes well with our country in the next four year.    With the state of the economy I hope it gets better....but I subscribe to the words, it could always be worse. 

Class today starts at 6:30; there is a continental breakfast, but sometimes I would like some protein rather than carbs that occur in the continental breakfast.


The picture was taken at Williamsburg, not yesterday, I would have had only raindrops.   Maybe today will be a little less wet, but I do not think so.  pictures I took  asst dates 484


  1. Your pictures are lovely. I'm happy the election is over too, it's time to move on.

  2. I'm with you with protein for breakfast over carbs; I tend to have a protein shake; my hubby was eating bagel/cream cheese; he recently switched to eggs/bacon and found he was hungrier less and dropped a few pounds

    but every once in awhile, a chocolate muffin calls to me for breakfast :)