Thursday, December 4, 2008


This evening we went to Sawa's Japanese Steakhouse  for our dinner.   The three of us went.  It is the typical Japanese Steakhouse where the chef throws the shrimp tails in the air and catches them in his hat.

I had shrimp and chicken, fried rice and vegetables.   Chuck had the same  as well as fillet and Emily had shrimp and scallops.  Chuck said "I like scallop, why don't we have them  at home?"    Because they cost $13.00 a pound......We could have them once in a while.......OK....Some special occasion I suppose.

The dinner was excellent, Emily said in three years she would have a party.....I told her taking us out to dinner would be good enough.

Tomorrow I am 16 hours and again I am in a room for morning into the evening.....I told my manager not to schedule me for any more 16 hour shifts................I am just too tired to do it anymore.............

So I hope my day goes well.....I do not have any other choice about it...LOL



  1. Congratulations on 37 years!!
    @-}-- --{-@

    ;^) Jan the Gryphon

  2. Hi Claudia, It's embarrassing how excited I get when someone new leaves a comment on my blog! Thanks for coming by & Congrats on the Wedding Anniversay. We will celebrate our 31st in Feb, it's surprising how unusual that seems to be now huh?
    Thanks for coming, I'll be back to yours too.

  3. love those types of restaurants; so glad you guys had a great time!!

    I agree 16 hours is toooo long of a work day


  4. wow!!! 37 years is loooooong... especially these days! but i pray for you both to have more happy years ahead.

    God Bless...

  5. Happy Anniversary !!!
    Hope your long day seems short !

  6. Sounds like a good dinner. Hope you enjoyed it. My son loved scallops and their was a fish specialty place near his handicap apt. I took him there every Wed, until he could no longer go. Memories. Lucy

  7. I love teppanyaki places! The show is fun, but the food is even better.

    We sometimes have scallops at home, but it's a special treat. They're rich enough that I can't eat very many, so that helps!

    Glad you had such a nice dinner!


  8. Unfortunately, there aren't any Japanese restaurants in my part of West Texas - but we do have a place where the chef can catch a burrito in his boot.....(*smile*)..... Happy (belated) anniversary! Jon