Tuesday, December 16, 2008


I will tell Emily about all your congrats...Emily has a BA in Music and is a violist in the JOHNSTOWN SYMPHONY.    She had decided to go to Nursing School because of the lack of pay and jobs in Music.  She can find work but not enough to live independently.

She is enrolled in a Diploma School.  Which is a two year program for education to become a RN.   There are a lot of college courses required and most of her requirements have transferred from her degree to be utilized for her required college courses.   What she needed were Anatomy & Physiology, Microbiology and Nutrition.   She just has the Physiology portion and Nutrition to go.   A total of about 10 college level courses are needed.

After graduation she will get her BSN.  I doubt that she will need a lot, and the hospital system will pay for it at that time.  

Wow I just found out that on Windows Writer you can add a watermark to your photo.....

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  1. Emily is quite a driven young lady! I didn't know Johnstown had a symphony. I love the little chorus you have shown there - what are these made of? They are simply adorable.

    I really have to explore windows live things, I know nothing about any of it but like the watermark idea.

  2. Lisa:

    Johnstown has the third largest symphony in PA. Those little critters were made of coconut shells, and bark. Guess I should have paid more attention.

    I typed my initials for the watermark but they did not show up. LOL LOL So much for the watermark. I probably did something wrong.

  3. thanks for info on Emily; quite talented she is! loved the picture of the bunny choir


  4. I must make time to find out more about windows live things too. I'm sure there has to be a quicker way of doing things on my journal. Emily is very talented. what a shame there isn't enough money in working for the orchestra. Still.. she has chosen a wonderful profession. I wish her well in all that she does.
    Jeanie xx

  5. I love the picture. We are having a heat wave. It is supposed to get to 30. Freezing rain and snow mix in forecast. Maybe they will miss it. Lucy