Saturday, December 20, 2008

Thoughts of the Day

I have played around long enough with words of the day and now to get to some real information.   What ever that could be.   I got two new batteries for the smoke detectors, which are on Chucks desk.....It was time to change them, or so I thought.  

Well, I guess the unit is in agreement because a few minutes ago it started to chirp.   While I find its timing rather stellar what I do not understand is why it did not happen in the middle of the night.  That has happened to me two other time.    This chirping will begin and in my somnolent state I will wake up and try to figure out if a cricket got in the house....Once I locate the noise and what is the cause I can not reach it because I am 5 foot 2.    Then I need a chair and by the time I take it down I am wide awake and wondering why did I not change the battery at the autumnal solstice.

Since Emily is on hiatus from the orchestra, I had season tickets to the shows.   It is a major endeavor and long ride to go to the performances.  A minimum round trip of three hours is needed.   One of the doctors I work with is a native of Johnstown and I knew his mother like the Symphony, so I gave the tickets to him for his mom.    He sent me a tin of cookies as a Thank You.  The name of the company is Cheryl & Company, these are the best cookies that can be purchased from a company.   They even enclosed a card entitling me to 20% off of my next purchase.   I think they can get to be addicting....  It was so nice of him to send them to me.....

Today is the day to put up the tree  The decorations are in the attic.   The door to the attic was thru a small opening in one of the closets.   You have to be skinny to crawl thru there.    Then one day on an inspiration we decided to put a entry thru the hallway ceiling.   I wanted to have a fold down step unit installed   Chuck cut the hole and made an entry, twice as big as the original....but the steps would not fit the space between the rafters.....We got half the job done, and nixed the steps.   We do the next best thing, get out the 5 foot step ladder.  I now have the decorations in festive green and red plastic bins and all you have to do is look for the bins and pass them down the steps.

The retrieval of the bins is first, then dragging in the tree from outside is next and then we wait for the tree to settle its branches.   Chuck likes to leave it sit overnight.  The cats will be doing their usual inspection and trying to climb the tree.  We have a cathedral ceiling and he buys the tallest tree and then comes home and cuts $25 worth of tree off......I will catch hell after he reads this post.  LOL  LOL  LOL

We should be done by tomorrow night.  Good thing Santa doesn't arrive till Thursday.



  1. He won't like it that you said he cuts off $25 worth of tree?

    Have fun putting up the tree and decorating it!

    Hugs, Beth

  2. thanks for telling me about those cookies; I ordered some to send to someone and I didn't know how good they would be; thanks for your review about them

    so cute about the tree!! have fun decorating it!!


  3. Thaks for re-playing the Paul Potts video. His voice touched millions of people. I was one of them.
    Enjoy decorating the tree. I leave it all to my husband. He gets more pleasure out of dressing the tree and the house.
    Leave wll alone I!
    Jeanie xxx


    I remind him every year that he cuts of $25 wirth It is sort of a joke, this year he cut off about $5 worth.

  5. There always is some amount of trimming that must be done for a natural tree to a) fit the base-to-ceiling area and b) to keep the tree in plumb. Using the cut branches used in garlands or other greenery arrangements is a perq for those who choose cut trees.

    Of course you know that plenty of water for the tree and a fire extinguisher close by are the next things to check. Have merry, happy and safe holidays.

    o<\\\\\\;^) Jan the Gryphon