Friday, January 16, 2009


This morning I was safely snug in my bed when The Daughter called out to me and asked if I would listen to see if the Nursing School was cancelled. Every school within the area was canceled. I told her I did not hear that they were closed. She started complaining ( I know she will write a retribution to this entry) about how everyone else was closed. I asked her if she thought the work will close when she becomes an RN? I made her coffee and shipped her out the door. So much for sleeping in.....Chuck had already left 30 minutes earlier.

Around here they have 2 hour delays if the is the slightest hint of a snow flake, and close if it is too cold. My question for today is, are we raising a group of people who will call off if it is cold or snowy????? I must admit she went in the snow when she was employed....My goodness I am starting to sound like my father.....I better quit writing for today.

Seriously I went to my physical today and the room was about 65 degrees, and the Surgilube was about 45 degrees. Next time I think I will schedule that appointment in the summer. Now I will quit writing for today.. LOL


  1. That's funny, Claudia...I remember several years ago when we had a bad storm, and a newer employee called into the lab and asked one of the VPs if the lab was going to be closed. He chuckled and told her, "We never close."

    Stay warm!

  2. Until I have my diploma, I can bitch and moan about having to go to school!

  3. Funny entry Claudia, loved that you wanted to stop at sounding like your father LOL. They cancel school for the day around here way too often in my opinion, seems there is going to be a future generation of wimpy people.

    LOL, love your daughters comment!!!