Friday, January 23, 2009


I am convinced that the ANY bureau in the state of Pennsylvania is teeming with NEPOTISM and IDIOCY,   because it could not be humanly possible for all the stupid people in PA to be working for the Pennsylvania Turnpike.

For the past four years I have had EZ PASS.   You have to set up an account and when you use it it deducts money from your account and it is replenished by charging your charge card.     Sounds easy,  well so I thought until:


Somehow when Emily went to visit her chums in Cleveland over New Years it took the picture of her car and said she skipped payment thru the EZ PASS.

To get on the Website was another aggravation this afternoon after I read their letter.   To access their website you have to have the original receipt (which I do) to get your account number, transponder number, pin and password.  And possibly a note from the Pope.

Since I am old I write these things down, because I must admit that I do not remember these for a business I may have the misfortune to contact once in a blue moon.   That does not happen very often.    First I could not get on the site, then after switching to another computer I finally got on.    They tell me my pin number/password is wrong.   GRRRRRRR.

I had to wade through many links before I could find the “if you can’t remember you PIN/password click here.”   My password is a four digit with a leading zero, they had wanted a four digit number initially.   They had dropped the 0 and would not accept my number.

Proper, certified numbers in hand I click on and start anew.    Sure enough she had flew by the Warrendale entrance and there was no record of her leaving at her exit.   I guess they think she is still traveling????   No, they sent me a photo stating that the car was in violation and I owed the fools $45.00.   I can not wait till Monday to call and tell them what I think of their incompetence.   And to think since January 4, 2009 we are paying 25% more to these dolts who run the Turnpike.    I am going to fill in the area where you can file a protest with all the appropriate numbers and mail it registered mail, return receipt requested and have copies in my grubby little hands.   I am prepared for WAR.



  1. There must be a turnpike school....Florida's SUNPASS does the same stupid things........

  2. I feel sorry for the folks at the PA Turnpike--Hurricane Claudia is about to descend! ;)

    I hope you can get it straightened out. What an annoying mess!

  3. we're usually on the other side of these things and owe them, LOL; they are called Fast Pass here; first time we were on the road we didn't realize you had to pay the toll "there" so we didn't exit; sure enough got a letter in the mail and a fine of $47.00. I wrote a letter saying we didn't mean to not pay, we were just bumbling idiots from Montana and although we had California plates, that was the first time on the road; they reimbursed us except for what we would have paid for the toll (which was fair) We don't have one of those transponder things since we don't use the roads that often.

    few months ago son accidentally got in wrong lane and got a ticket; legitimate so I paid it

    funny thing is one night he paid the toll with $4.35 in pennies; people were not amused

    hope you get it figured out


  4. You are so right about the State of PA bureaus - it is full of fools & folly.

    We have EZPass at our company and it is a pain if you have to try and straighten something out. Wishing you the best of luck!