Monday, January 19, 2009


As far as Mondays went, it was an uneventful day.   By this time in my life I am happy that all my days and weekends are uneventful.

Today I had a grad student, and we did orthopedics.  Two total knees and a open reduction of a shoulder.  

She would not go for a break and refused to go to lunch till we were finished.   She said she wanted to learn everything.  I told her   “Katie, you have to learn that you need to take a break.”   She seemed to be frustrated that she was “when am I going to learn all of this?”   

Said I “Katie, how long have you been doing this?”     “Since November.” said she.

“Katie, you are just a young pup.”   You are doing well for just working since November.”   I have been doing this for a long time.” said I.  You know the theory and it will come, not in one day either. 

Although I was a student in the 60’s and 70’s, I do remember the frustration and wondering how my proctor knew all of the things.    I knew the theory but not the actual practice.   All that I could tell her is that it comes with the experience.   There is no substitute for experience.    And if things go wrong, it is good to happen when you are a student and you have a licensed, certified person with you on which you can rely to help you.  

Katie will be good, she will graduate in 2011.   By that time, perhaps, Emily will be on her way too.HPIM1451

Emily, who did not want her picture taken.





  1. Yes, I used to hear that, too. "How do you KNOW all this stuff?" A couple decades of working the bench, that's how!

  2. I can see Emily did not want to participate in the photo shoot!!

    Isn't funny to think how green we were when we started out at our chosen professions and now look at us...years of experience and young ones looking up to us!!