Saturday, January 17, 2009


I have been sitting here since about 06:30 this morning trying to decide what to do today.   I am always full of good intentions, but we know what   is paved  with good intentions..     The temp is –10 and I have not even ventured outside to get the morning paper.     I had wanted to go to the LDS Church to look at some of the records I have requested, but the coldness has me lethargic or perhaps lazy or unmotivated.  

Chuck left early this am to go to work.   He usually calls in the morning to check out what is happening, there is almost always nothing.   He said the “truly nonsick” have not been up, it is too cold.  If he doesn’t call I know he is up to his ass in alligators, so to speak.   He said the phones at the hospital were out.  Incoming was OK but you could not dial out.    He said he hears that today was a virtual heat wave, going up to 25.   It is funny but after a week of frigid temperatures 25 will seem warm.

Emily got her papers from the state of PA and will be getting some unemployment.   She said it was nice to get paid for doing nothing,   I told her that was the problem with a segment of able bodied people in society.   There are not any jobs available in retail sales, and yesterday one of my favorite stores, Circuit City is closing.  

She picked a good career with Nursing, people will always get sick, and also do stupid things.   I said one time if it weren’t for human stupidity we would be unemployed and that is pretty much the truth.   Stupidity, poor life choices and a lot of bad luck in your health provides for a lot of health care work for doctors and nurses.

So, you all stay warm and out of trouble. I do not want to hear  “What would happen if we did………..!!!!” or “It seemed like a good idea at the time….” picturesbyclaudia 119

Picturing the cacti room at Phipps Conservatory where it is about 80F.



  1. Congrads to your daughter on her daughter is an RN and has been able to get a job anywhere she's traveled....hospitals call her!!!

  2. I'd like to be in an 80 degree room right now. You are right about health care workers always being needed. That is one profession a robot can't replace.