Thursday, February 5, 2009


I have figured out that I am attracted to and love electronic gadgets. I am not a technophile by any means but I am fascinated with them. Way back in '84 I was living in Texas. I worked with a doctor who loved computers (why would anyone want one I thought) At that time his two children were going off to college and he insisted that they take one along.

I wonder what in the world would they do with one. All I can think about a that time would be a use for word processing. He said at the time that in the not too distant future everyone would have one. I have two myself. One is connected to a printer and my old (5 years I think) HP that I have sitting on the end table and peruse the internet when I am sitting on the couch. The old computer has a new hard drive, with about 120G, which is about double that what it came with.

I really do not thing that there were many sites even in 1989, that was the year we got out first for the house. My first encounter with a computer was back in 1979. We were living in Yugoslavia and the information came about the accident at Three Mile Island. He was able to get a small bit of information from the computer back then but it was all type.

Back in Texas (c.1984) Chuck had purchased a computer and it was the size of a portable sewing machine, and now you can put the computer in a small caseand even my PDA has internet capabilities. I think Chuck may have that old compute down in the bowels of the basement. I pan to hold it for awhile and possibly donate it to the Smithsonian.

Which leads me to Facebook, I had an account before my daughter. Why do I need Facebook. No not really but I have found a lot of Genealogy Group there and I hope to find information that would lead me to the ancestors. Facebook is not an electronic device, but can you imagine the technology to create it and things like blogs. It is truly fascinating to me.


  1. I had a Facebook account before you, but I chose not to utilize it until recently.

  2. Hey, I'm on there--look me up!

  3. I like Facebook because you can just go there quickly and write a little note on someone's "wall" to let them know you are thinking about them :)

    (I'm taking a break from journaling to get some other things done that I've neglected for far too long; I'll catch you later :)


  4. Also, you and Dad both have two working computers. I feel left out.

  5. I prefer Blogger to Facebook, but like you, I adore modern computer technology and gadgets. I am hopeless with DVD's etc, but computer things, I love them! I just treated myself to a notebook, very portable. I love it!
    Take care,

  6. To Daughter, save up your money..or wait till June of 2010. Your expenses have decreased which leaves you with some money.

  7. I'm on there too - look me up as well!!!