Saturday, February 21, 2009

Saturday Morning

This has been a bummer of a week for me.. on Wednesday night we ate out at our usual haunt. Thursday morning I went to work and within 30 minutes I was vomiting. The amazing thing was there was no lead up to this GI upset, it was instantaneous. So I went home, there is no way a person could work in an OR and be sick and not have access to the BR.

Today is the first time in three days I feel good. I guess I will survive.

Emily's second day in the OR was good too. She did not get to scrub but she did watch the Hysterectomy, she decided she could work in the operating room. Who knows, maybe she will. She will be finished with her Systems at the end of March. They take body systems and learn all about the problems with them. In April she will start Psych and ER, and then she will have a month break and start her Senior Year. On the senior year agenda will be Pediatrics and OB and ICU and CCU and then a unit on Nursing Management and then graduation. I think she will be happy to be finished.

Emily said that holding the camera was one of the most exciting things she has done, she put it up there higher than white water rafting. She also took the pictures of the procedure with that same camera. I thought that was funny.


  1. Sorry you were sick. That is a real bummer. I agree with your comment on my blog, BUT, SOMETHINg HAD TO BE DONE. i AM JUST SAYING DON'T USE IT FOOLISHLY. No one likes the stimulis plan, and Obama should not have had to come into such a mess if Bush had done his job. I am neither republican or democrat but at least Obama is doing his bestand if he fails we will have another president. I am extremely angry at the Bush admin. It should have never came to this. Lucy

  2. So sorry to hear you were/are sick! Hope you are feeling back to your old self soon! Blessings! Lisa

  3. Hope you're feeling better, Claudia. Sounds like a little food poisoning was involved.

  4. I thought so too Beth. The symptoms appeared about 12 hours after eating.

  5. I do hope you are totaly recovered aND BACK TO Waiting for spring like I am. My blog was so screwed up yesterday I had orANGE DOG BACKGROUND and had a heck of a tome getting them off. I hate when I do that. Lucy