Saturday, March 14, 2009


It it cold inside the house, about 60 F. Usually I hear the furnace kick in and start to warm up the house. We have a digital, programmable thermostat, which I like very much because I have it set to get colder during the night and before the wake up time it will gradually heat up in the morning.

The only downside to that is in the deep recesses of my brain, my subconscious tells me that it will be soon time to get up. This is especially annoying on days I go to work, because my brains screams 10 more minutes. I have never used the snooze alarm, once I wake up I can not fall back asleep. I do not know how people can fall back asleep once the alarm rings.


I can hear the thermostat clicking, the motor of the furnace running but the mechanism that forces the hot air to circulate the heat to the house is not working. I am glad it is going up to 50 F today. Chuck is working and he is good at repairing things. So we have to bundle up and wait for him to come home. I have on my LL Bean Ragg socks so at least my toes are warm

So, what does one do when the heat is off. Make a few cups of tea, so I will add a toasted English Muffin to the mix. Get out or the house and go to the mall for awhile. Bake a cake, or roast a turkey, that always heats up the house. If it would be a large turkey that would work well, but I do not have a large turkey, I do not have a large chicken.

Make hot chocolate is an option....go out for lunch and dinner is an option too. But I will do neither of the cooking options, I will just deal with it and be thankful I have a house to live in and have heat 99.9% of the time.

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  1. Oh goodness....hate when the furnace goes down.

    I do have to say though...that I keep mine at 62 at night and 66-68 during the day.

    And when it's really really cold and the gas bill is rocketing I do 58/62.

    Takes some getting used to.