Wednesday, March 18, 2009


With St. Patrick’s Day over I have reverted back to yellow.  Maybe for the celebration of Easter I will make it lilac……

Yesterday I worked and Chuck had off.  Her made a project of cutting back the hedges.   He cut them back about a foot.   First he tried to stuff the hedge shards into plastic  bags, that did not work, even though he tried to compact the branches with his foot. 

He then discussed the possibility of cutting them with the mower and making mulch.  He was unknowingly being GREEN, but he did not know that.    I did not think it would work, but on the other had I told him we see people all the time cutting off their hands and feet with those mowers.  So, maybe it would work.   Lo and Behold, it did work.   They were pulverized to smithereens.   You can just imagine what it can do to flesh and bone, those injuries are not a pretty sight.

He is now planning a “Family” project.   We are to rake leaves and pick up twigs in the back yard.   Emily said it will have to be the week after next because next week are her section finals.   She said she got an excellent grade on her massive care plan.  She said that this week will be the last day she gets to work on the Med/Surg Unit.   That is a mix of people with medical or surgical problems.

She asked the scheduling woman when the assignments would be out.   The woman said not till everyone's grades are in because she would have to do it over if a lot failed or quit.   OH MY………

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The spring flower show starts this weekend, so maybe I will go and take pictures.  


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  1. I'm not going to make it down for another week or excited for it though. It's an annual pilgrimage!

    Happy belated St. Paddys'