Sunday, May 17, 2009


When I woke up today it was foggy and damp.  Well. it turned out to be very sunny.  

Yesterday I  was on beeper call.   That means I was to back up for surgery.  First call stays in the hospital and second call is back up from home.  There were four scheduled cases and I got called for an emergency pacemaker.    He was in heart block, his pulse was ranging in the 30’s and 40’s, it needed to be done ASAP.

Being “on call” on your day off is a bummer.    It is your day off , but you are committed to the hospital.   You get paid if you get called in.  The worst part is the randomness of the situation.    You can not start anything major because you may have to leave at a moments notice.   You can not have a glass of wine, or plan anything that takes a long preparation to cook.    But it IS your day off.   Fortunately, I only have to do about 4 weekend days a year. 

         Phipps2009 056

I am playing with the colors of the blog.   I got tired of yellow, I see a lot of colors but I wish there were some way to customize the color.   I would like to make it a bit paler.    Maybe in the bowels of the program is an option to do that. 

The picture above was taken at the Phipps.   They had an orchid show.   They change exhibits every few months.   The one now looks like space aliens,  guess I will go and see how it really looks.

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