Wednesday, May 20, 2009



On my Windows Writer I wish I could find an option that would let me set the type and not have to go in a change it every time I write.   If I add a photo, then I again, have to go and change it again.

Off this week, one of the jobs I HATE and DESPISE is defrosting the freezer.   We bought a freezer that you have to defrost because it was cheaper than the frost free type.    I noticed a savings about $20 per month.   That is a lot of money.   

In the bowels of this freezer I found a ham bone from some Christmas, I pitched that.   Who knows how old it was, not saying much for the housekeeping there.

I have been washing sheers and curtains.   We live in a small split entry Ranch home.  It has long skinny windows.   There are hundreds of thousands of this type of houses all over this country.  Why, can I not find curtains or draperies that will fit.   Everything is 54 inches wide and up to 93 inches long.     Why don’t the manufacturers make what is needed.     I have some that were made by Country Curtains but they also have a limited number of colors and styles.   Still a few more things to wash this week.

Today was my flower buying day.   I went to the greenhouse and bought my plants.   I also got some Rosemary,  Oregano, Basil, Parsley and I have Chives and Tarragon  that came back up this spring.   I have to see what else I can plant in my pots.    Hope to get it done tomorrow.

I decided that psychologically I am ready for retirement.    Chuck is too…..


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