Friday, June 5, 2009


Emily told me that when she clicked on one of the languages the resulting page was blank......I just clicked on Norwegian and my blog came up Norwegian???? But when I clicked on French, it was a blank page.
I have my doubts but I hope it is working.

This work week is over, I did a variety of things from Orthopedics, Urology, ENT, and today OB. The joint was jumping.....and all the beds were full.....When there is a sudden rise in deliveries we all look back 9 months and try to figure out what went on.....Like the major increase in births 9 months after the New York blackout.

So who knows, I am hoping it works especially on my Genealogy Blog because I am hoping, or wishfully thinking that perhaps at some point in time some descendant of my ancestors families will Google it and come upon their American cousins.

Tomorrow will be a trip to Blairsville PA and determine how to get to Torrence State Hospital, where Emily will go next week in fulfillment of her Psychiatric Rotation. It seems to be about a 45 minute drive and June is a good time to go. The dawn will be occurring and the trip will be in daylight. If it were winter I would suggest she and some of her classmates rent a room between day one and two. Blairsville is in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains and they do get a bit of snow in the winter.


  1. Claudia, everything You said about abortion is what I have been trying to get across on my blog so all I can say is thank you for explaining it so well. Today is the first time I have ever mentioned the unspoken feelings about my son with MS that chose hospice after the Dr. said their was no hope to even bring on a remission. In fact it was that DR. that talked about his options and hospice was one of them, no one has openly said anything but those who are fighting the disease in Britain has many more tools at their hands than my son did nearly 17 years ago.

  2. Tell your daughter that I am happy to know that younger people also like my blog. I do change templates or layouts pretty often. I look at it this way, I may not be here tomorrow so may as well get adventuresome while I can. I decided I may as well shorten the space I can write and maybe I can stay out of trouble. Fat Chance. Lucy