Thursday, July 9, 2009


When I went to the AAA on Thursday I questioned the lady about how long the drive would take.    About 6 hours was the reply……well, let me say that the drive morphed into a ten hour trip..

We left at 7 am and then we stopped for breakfast, then it was alternately raining, drizzling and then dry.    The windshield wipers had been streaking and were replaced on Saturday.    I must admit the worked extremely well and it was like a clear slate.

We had a few other stops, one for Tylenol, one for gas and one for lunch.   About in Wytheville VA my friend called and wanted to know what was our progress,  then after consultation we were informed that we still had about three hours to go… ARGGGGHHHHH.

After lunch we continued southward and we had come upon a few fender benders which tied up traffic for a while and then in a section down some mountain which I have no idea what its name is it was completely enshrouded in fog.   The traffic this time was going about ten MPH.

So, after leaving at six we arrived about five in the afternoon.  The county side is so beautiful with the mountains.   I hope to take some more pictures tomorrow.

North Carolina 2009 017

Wytheville VA with the clouds enveloping the mountains.



  1. Wytheville.....I use this town in a map reading exercise all the time. This is the fist time I've ever seen a picture of it though. Thanks

  2. That is really pretty. I hope you are enjoying your vacation.