Saturday, August 1, 2009

Another Week Gone By

Up early and somehow I haven’t gotten to write in either of my blog this week.   I think, perhaps, it was laziness on my part.

This week was a little slower, several of the surgeons were on vacation and our ONLY cardiac surgeon went on vacation and fractured his wrist.   One would think if you have a profession that required the utmost skill using your hands one would refrains from risky behaviors…..Duh, look at Ben Roethlisberger and his no helmet, motor cycle accident.   You will have to Google that yourselves.

Back to the story.  Seems the surgeon will be off for 6 weeks and who knows how many to rehab.  The good note is it was a closed reduction and casted.    Maybe some of these risk taker personalities have a death wish.  Who knows what is going on in their heads.

I got approval for my education conference.   It will be in the first week of November and I will be going to Colonial Williamsburg.  This will be my third conference at this location.   A lot of people go in the summer, but it is so hard getting the time off with vacations scheduled.   The weather will be cool and the leaves changing colors.

I am on backup call today, actually, only 12 hours. At this point in time 2 hours down and 10 hours to go.   A coworker has the last 12.  Chuck made a decision to work the week of the G20 Summit.  Where he works is in the City of Pittsburgh at a major trauma center, I can just imagine protestors getting hit on their heads and heavens knows what else.   It may make the Jimmy Buffet concerts look tame.

Emily will soon be back to Nursing School, now that she is a Senior…….she is awaiting her assignment for the first term.  I think she is getting tired waiting for it to arrive. I hope it gets here today.

Last week she went thru the boxes she brought home from college.  Sorting out large masses of acquired stuff can be overwhelming.  The best method I have found is sort one box at a time and make three piles.   Save,Donate and Throw Away.   If it is totally useless THROW IT AWAY.   If someone else can use it DONATE IT.  If it is REALLY, REALLY IMPORTANT  to you and you can use it again  SAVE IT.

Seems to work out.   Now, I have to apply the same maxims to my own junk.   This is proving harder than I thought it would.   I have another pile  SAVE IT AND SEE IF EMILY NEEDS IT WHEN SHE GETS HER OWN PLACE pile.  This pile consists of household type items and art work.   After she takes what she will need then the rest will get donated.



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  1. Phew, a long day for you. I see that is the norm in health care from reading other medical blogs.

    It will be a madhouse for sure if it can make a JB look tame. I've been to 2 and sometimes I think I am still recovering!! LOL