Friday, October 2, 2009


elfretlhs alley 005

The past two weeks my house has been a house of pestilence, Co-habitation will do that. Chuck got sick first.   He sounded like he was going to expire,  he said he thought he was going to cough up his lungs.  A few days later I developed the same malady.   I now feel like I am going to cough up my lungs.    It is just a garden variety of URI, aka a cold.   I was at work yesterday and the charge person said "We have two extra people tomorrow if you want to take a sick day."   Guess I really sounded bad to others, do I took that sick day.   

Last night I woke with a wicked sore throat.   I had to get up and take two Tylenol PM.   They have Benadryl in them and it took care of the sore throat, the sneezing and I got about 6 hours of sleep.   Someone suggested Niquil (I hope it is spelled correctly, I am too tired to look it up) but I did not have any of that, maybe next time I will get some.

It has been downright cold the past few days.   It has gone from needing the air conditioner to better soon  check  the furnace.    With the above mentioned illness I felt so hot that I had to open the windows and I still was not cold.  The Tylenol fixed that for me too.

The above photo was taken at the Betsy Ross House in Philadelphia.   There are a few cat sculptures in the courtyard of the house.  It sure is a skinny long legged critter.


  1. Hi Claudia, I am just getting over the same thing that ran through your house. The coughing was so tight on my lungs sometimes I felt like when I had whooping cough, when I was a kid. Much better now but still get coughing fits. I used nyquil several years ago and it was the most foul tasting stuff but seemed to work pretty good for us. Glad you are feeling better. It is cold and windy here today. Take care and continue to feel better.

  2. No colds down here, so far. That's a classy looking cat!


  3. I agree with Jimmy that is a classy looking cat. I just raised the shade and it has stopped raining, windy and since the furnace has came on several times I would say chilly. I did not have electricity till I was 13 and went to live with my sister so I could go to Jr. High but let me tell you when the electricity went off for several days the year they cancelled Halloween it was hafr. Amazing how quickly we just expect it to be there.

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