Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Today was a busy day for me at work.....Today I did cataract extractions...The cataract is essentially emulsified and then the remnants are suctioned out and an artificial lens is implanted in the space. We got a new microscope and although it is a trial the rep had a camera on the microscope and I got to see what really was going on in there..

With the special Phaco instrument the opthamologist makes an X in the center of the cataract. He can manipulate the lens to continue with the small division of the lens into four quadrants. Then with the suction on the Phaco machine each quarter is removed and then any stragglers are suctioned out. Then with another instrument the new lens is inserted and they smoothed out. I have been doing cataracts for years and this was the first time I could see what the surgeon and scrub nurse could see. I found this really fascinating. You can read more about it here:

http://www.allaboutvision.com/conditions/cataract-surgery.htm You will have to copy and paste. I will try to use Live Writer and see if I can insert a clickable link.

There seems to be a video about it too. Cataracts were a major source of blindness and this is truly a miracle operation.

Another interesting happening today. Today we had a woman who was age 105 for a gallbladder removal. She still live at her home and took care of herself. I did not get to talk to her or read her chart, but I suppose she had someone look in on her on a daily basis. She was in good health and mentally alert. She did better than some people half her age.

Can you imagine what the lady has lived through. When she was born what was the routine life like. Guess I will look that up and post what I find. She was going to spend the night in intensive care, for her safe keeping no doubt.

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