Thursday, February 4, 2010



That the malaise I have is due to the winter, I am tired of cold and snow and just looking on the brown and dreary dormant trees.    There is a winter storm warning starting tomorrow and we are expecting snow.   It appears to be a snow producer, but what the heck, this is Western Pennsylvania.    The weather forecasters have the knack of making every crazy with their doom and gloom of snow.    It is winter, tomorrow we will have to listen to their dire pronouncements of school and activity cancellations.     What ever happened to common sense, it if is snowing and you do not have to work stay home.    Chuck and I, however, have to go to work and there will be no excuses for being a no show. 

Chuck has to work on Saturday and I do not, so I will make hot chocolate and look out the window and perhaps, if the mood strikes me, shovel the driveway.    I will wait till the storm is over before I do that.    The secret seems to be to park the cars in the driveway and then there will be less to shovel.   I have to work on that theory.

Tomorrow I will be working on my work project,   we had to pick one and mine is to develop a satisfaction survey.   I have a few references,  I had an example of one but it was a few pages long.   My own opinion would be that it should be no more than 10 and 5 to 7 would be idea.    The problem as I see it would be that my nature people would only fill in their satisfaction if they are unhappy.   When people are satisfied they do not complain, and we only hear from the people who have complaints.  

How do I get people to mail it back, and what percentage of the survey sent out will be returned?   Do I mail them, this will cost a lot, or give them with their discharge papers?    I have to come up with an idea by tomorrow.

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