Saturday, April 10, 2010


I do not know why compute woes befall me but they truly do. Chuck said he doesn't know why either.

My first computer (c.2004) is having connectivity issues. It keeps telling me that it can not connect to a website and perhaps the computer is not ON or I have entered the URL wrong (NO I DID NOT) or some other lame brain excuse reason why it will not do what I want.......I wanted to see just how long I could keep it going, but I think it will soon be overtaken by obsolescence....

Emily says the Windstream server is crap and that is why. I think a system restore might be in its future. I ran a virus screen and it came up with nothing.

My newer computer VISTA was also having troubles. It would not connect to my AOL and then it connected the generic AOL thru IE. When I connected to scan the antiviral software it would not do that. So I uninstalled the current program and am in the process of installing Microsoft Security Essential. It is FREE and all it requires is a validation that your copy of Windows is valid. Which they both are. This Microsoft is finished downloading and currently scanning.

Who knows what demon of the cyberspace kind will surface, or perhaps what I did to screw up the damn thing in the first place. I really, really, really need a book entitled "Now than I have screwed up the computer what can I do"

On second thought, if I could figure this all out I could write that book and make a gazillion dollars selling it to people like me.

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  1. I hate Vista...hate, hate, hate it!! Can you tell I hate it? I am reluctantly going to upgrade to Windows 7. I can't have the problems Vista does.
    Good luck!