Thursday, June 3, 2010


I decided that I did not like the blue, and perhaps I needed a pick me up.  So, I made it yellow and what I found on the Blogger Customize page was a way to change the fonts.   So I will see if it transfers, but I have my suspicions that Live Writers format is set and if I want the larger, bold font I have to write on Blogger. 

What I do not like about Blogger is the difficulty in posting pictures and changing their size.   Also it is difficult to add a hyperlink.   When I put in the URL shows up and in Live Writer I put the URL in and in the second box I can type words to describe what I want to add.

Work was crazy the past few days.   I am not the only one who feels like that….The people who we take care of seem to be postponing their care and when they come in they are very sick..  Just wait till all the uninsured people have insurance…. It will be a very stressful time for the people working in health related fields.   I know that they will have put off surgery for years, due to no health insurance, and they will be very, very, ill.

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