Monday, June 21, 2010



Actually, we do not spend too much time on the road…  But, after Emily’s stint in Nursing School, I decided we all need a week off.


Most of the driving is via the Interstate System.   With the exception of driving around Washington DC.   Which, in my estimation is the worst place to drive.  They drive all willy nilly and half of them are diplomats, which means  if they are in an accident they are not help responsible.

So, my preferred route is to drive thru Winchester VA and then down Route 17 and enter I 95 at Fredericksburg.   We stayed at my brothers house one night and then onto the shore.

We rented a condo this summer.    Most of the houses are rented on a Saturday to Saturday basis but the condo was listed as Sunday to Sunday.    The last time I was here the ride took four hours with bumper to bumper traffic for twenty miles before the stretch goes over the PAMLICO SOUND to the  OUTER BANKS OF NORTH CAROLINA   This time it took us two hours and no traffic jam except for the mayhem in the HARRIS TEETER Super Market. 

The store is huge and has an excellent selection of food.    The quality of the food was outstanding.  But, two things I noticed….First was the cost.   A lot of things were grossly overpriced, for example, a pork tenderloin roast was about double the price that I would have regularly paid.   I will not be shopping there again.   

Secondly, the shopping cart drivers obviously did not have drivers licenses because they did not push their carts on the right side,they stopped in the middle of the aisles to peruse their selections and were just obnoxious.    We should have gone out to eat and bought groceries this morning.

The condo is great.  It is located on the third floor and has and elevator which is good for the old folks like me.    It has two bedrooms, baths and a nice sized kitchen, living and dining area, and two decks, one off the living room and one off the bedroom.



This store was located half in Virginia and half in North Carolina.


Some pictures of the development from my deck.





  1. Wow, that all looks so comfortable. All we are getting is rain, rain, and more rain. Lots of damage due to bridge outages,roads washed out and so forth. 3 deaths so far.

  2. I hope you all have a great time winding down. Especially Emily afte all her hard work studying and graduating.
    I am not one for motorway driving. Especially in traffic jams. I have to do some motorway driving, to go visit my son this next weekend. I am not looking forwards to it one bit!
    You seem to have great weather. You can't help but have a great time too.
    Jeanie xxxx

  3. Thank you for your comment on Spunky. We know it is where will it go but we will not have any more surgery on him. She said if we did it could lead to an amputation of his leg. So we will enjoy him and spoil him a little more, if possible.