Monday, July 5, 2010


After the heat and humidity of the Holiday I was so tired that I elected to turn in with sun down. I do not care if I see the fireworks display at all. I would rather sleep. But that was not to be.

Fireworks are illegal to buy if you are a resident of PA, that does not stop a person from buying them in another state and transport them across the state lines. Some fool down the street was actually setting off fireworks in their yard, the were shooting all over the sky along with the snap, crackle, whistles and bangs. I was afraid of someone setting a fire. It has not rained in over a week and it is pretty dry out there, and the chances of something landing on my roof scares me. The air was redolent of sulfur and burning material, there was actually a haze in the night time sky that you could visualize in the glow of the streetlights.

On this morning there was also a number of fools who had injured themselves with the above mentioned fireworks. Two or three blew off hands and one person had a fire cracker explode in his face. I would be willing to bet that consumption of beer was involved.

This morning I was up early and I needed to go to MONROEVILLE to buy a few things. What to my wondrous eyes did appear but a major traffic jam with me in it and no escape. Some mental giant decided to have the 4th of July parade on the 5th. The lady at the pet store said they would not have it on a Sunday. Well, they had the fireworks display on Sunday. I think that is really a stupid idea because the 4th is long gone. If they felt so strongly about no parade on Sunday perhaps they should have had the fireworks tonight too. I think I will send them an email and complain.



  1. The fireworks were everywhere, legal, illegal and I swear they were all here on So. 14th. The display was set for last night but it was so muddy for parking they cancelled it till tonight. I was nor will be anywhere near. I hate them with a passion.

  2. Forgot to say I see you used the designer. I like it.