Sunday, August 15, 2010


I left for my visit yesterday, the drive was surprisingly uneventful.   That is the way I like it.   I made a few stops.  First for breakfast, then to fill up the car and a fluid balance break.   A stop at Wallmart and I purchased some things for a evening snack.   I can not exactly call it a meal.   I had cheese, crackers  and  fruit.   I was just too tired to go out to find a restaurant. 

There is a neat place at the southern part of West Virginia it is called TAMARACK THE BEST OF WEST VIRGINIA  They have all sorts of things that are made in WVA.  There is also a restaurant.   The building is make in a circle and you walk around and end up where you started. 

They have jewelry, wooden art items, pottery, Fiesta Ware,  knitted items, books, jams, wines and salsa and other food items.    It is located on I 71 south near Beckley WVA.   It is worth the stop if you are headed that way.

Up early this morning and soon to out the door on my way to TN.  The kid and husband are keeping the home fort.

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  1. Hi Claudia, hope you continue to have fun on your trip. As far as blocking someone, go to your page where you have settings, comments and so forth. Down close to the the bottom is a place that gives you a choice about your comments. Your choice is to moderate, each entry or comments, the next is allow and there 1 more I think it is the choice of having a word. As far as I am concerned the word option is out because he would just type the word and be in. I have mine to say "moderation for all". It was a big relief but a little more time consuming.