Tuesday, August 31, 2010


The kid and I have an exciting day planned for Sunday.  It was a fortuitous happening that I was able to get tickets for the   LADY GAGA CONCERT at the CONSOL ENERGY CENTER  this Sunday.   One of the docs at work had tickets but his daughter could not make it, so I got the tickets.    Emily was sooooo excited and frankly so am I.    I am glad Monday is a holiday, so I do not have to get up early to go to work…..

I find the fast tempo great to walk to, either outside or on the treadmill.    This will be my third concert.    The first was the Rolling Stones, the second The Eagles and now Lady Ga Ga.   I have to admit I hit the big one with my first.    

The problem with coming to Pittsburgh was the lack of a venue to hold them, the Mellon Arena was antiquated and unable to hold everything that is expected relating to the concert.   There is also an outdoor arena, FIRST NIAGARA PAVILION   which is out in the western boondocks of Pittsburgh.   You have to sit on the dry, parched grass and it it rains you are screwed.    There is a lot of pushing and shaving and drunks dropping this and barfing all over the place, including the concert goers.

BUT, the worst thing is there is only one way in and out and that is a two lane road to get to the pavilion.   All I have heard are horror stories about getting there and getting out.    So, I never have or never will go to a concert there.

Chuck will send us off on our outing.   He would not go if he got tickets for free. 

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