Saturday, September 18, 2010


I guess I have been remiss in posting on this blog.  The most exciting thing is we got a new mattress.   My life is pretty much mundane, for the most part.  We did our part and bought not one of the National Brands, but rather, a product that was made locally.    The cost was lower than the National Brands.

It is quite comfortable and much higher than the previous one,   I do not know if this is because the old one shrunk and I was not aware of it or the new one has much more padding.   I had a thought of Zsa Zsa Gabor falling out of her bed and breaking her hip.   If her mattress was as high as my new one I can see the possibility.

I have been part time since July and I can honestly say I have not gotten done

much more than I did when I was working full time.   I still have lots of plans.

Still now job for the daughter.   My hospital system now has money allocated for hiring, so perhaps something will come up.   

Nothing on todays agenda, except for the Farmers Market.   It is extremely busy at this time of the season.   Parking spaces are pretty scarce.  

I have spent most of my free time searching for my ancestors.   When I obtained the death certificates of my great grandparents I learned the names of what I had researched were not the ones listed.   I have been pouring over the records trying to make sense of it all.

I will eventually get it right, or so I hope.


  1. I too have a new mattress Claudia. It is high too. I said to my husband the other night I hope I can still climb up onto it as I get older and less able. It is quite funny at the moment but, like you, I can see there could be probems in time to come. C'est la vie!
    My daughter has grabbed some supply work since her graduation but there are just not enough full time jobs going at the moment.
    I can feel for your daughter too. All that hard work she has put into her studies should be recognised by her getting a job soon!
    Good luck to her for the near future rather than later.
    Jeanie xx

  2. Jeanie, She found a volunteer Nursing Position. A friend of mine works there and she thinks someone will be leaving soon and then Emily can be hired, but it will only be low part time. BUT, it is experience to put on her resume.

    She is still filling out applications. Over here they have RN to BSN (Bachelor of Science in Nursing) programs where qualified RN's can work toward their degree. Since she has a BA in Music and lot of her courses transferred, and the the science and Nursing courses she took for her RN transfer too.

    She has only about 6 or 7 classes to take.