Saturday, October 30, 2010


If anyone has ever moved they know what a hassle is involved.   First, we need to find housing.   This is going to be complicated by the lack of hotel rooms in town.   Chuck wanted to go up next week to do the preliminaries, but there was no hotel to be had.   The gas workers have the rooms booked for two weeks, you really have to call and reserve a room at least two weeks in advance.   My question is will they be working all winter.   Can you drill in the snow and freezing temperatures?

The kid set up a new account at the bank.  We found that Citizens had an office in both Pittsburgh and The East End of No Where too.   This would make it easy when she comes for a visit and wanted to use an ATM.   Also, for whatever reason if I should need to help her with some cash I can go down the street and deposit some money.    With her getting set up who knows what she may need.   It may be three or four weeks before she gets an actual paycheck.

Since we have been married we have moved eight times,   I guess you could say we have the routine down.   The moves were all associated with his job and they  were not minor moves.   Chuck has a list of to do things.   The kid has no idea what is involved in this process,  I guess you could say she was blissfully unaware.   At the local liquor store they always have boxes that they will  give away.  Liquor boxes are very sturdy and small,  she needs to start packing her books and the small size will make the lifting easier.   Also larger boxes are needed too and my source is that every case in the operating room comes prepackaged in its own box and where I work is an inexhaustible supply but they are best for fabric items that do not weigh too much.

As soon as we have an address we need to change things.   Today on the agenda is to start to go through her clothes and give what she doesn’t wear to the thrift store and in my collection in the basement are household goods that were there since both parents died, and the collection of household goods that are in boxes.

A lot of work to be done.  I can now scratch one thing off my list with about one hundred to go.

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