Friday, October 22, 2010



In our family we plan to have a family dinner on Thanksgiving and Christmas.   We also have a summer get together, this is at my sister Kathy house because she has a pool and although not very many go in the pool lately it is still there.  Thanks Kathy.

This year I decided I would do Thanksgiving after I had requested the week off.  Chuck suspects that I did that because I wanted to get the bathroom redone, nothing major, just repainted.   Perhaps, it was some subconscious idea,   well conscious maybe.  He will know of my plan when he reads this post.

My brother and nieces are coming from Virginia.   His wife has to work.  She is a RN with a new job.   In all, twenty people are expected.

For our dinners, everyone brings a dish to add.   This makes it easy on the hostess.   I am planning two have two turkey breasts instead of one huge turkey, what I have left over is one giant carcass and just how much soup can I make.    Also on the menu is a ham, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, gravy, cranberries,  corn, green bean casserole and cauliflower with cheese sauce.

Kathy has the dessert assignment.  She makes great sweets and she is going to bake my ham.    I want to take pictures this year,   doing my genealogy I found a cousin in Germany.   Her grandmother and my grandfather were siblings.    I promised her I to send her pictures.

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  1. Your menu sounds like our family meal when mom and dad was alive and we had moved to the city. They continued though without the goose. We had switched to Turkey by then.. I should not bring this up bit Mike had his first colonoscopy since completing his treatment and the Dr. said he is clean as a whistle. Makes thanksgiving really meaningful for him and Connie.